JenniferJess Fan #6

Other than those I live with, I have interacted in person with maybe 10 people in the last 5 or 6 months. I have come to treasure my Twitch fams, but can go days without leaving the house. Find myself drinking way too much.

I feel you about the twitch fam. Same for me sometimes with twitch and discord friends. I think the biggest thing is sometimes to just make it a goal to try and have one day of normalcy? Like take a shower, get dressed and go out shopping and do some normal errands? Sometimes doing one day of that can turn into two, and let you get a bit of momentum rolling. Don’t overdo it though, no need to overwhelm yourself, the race is long :slight_smile: I do the same thing and doing the above helps me kind of break out of the funk. But it’s tough so don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t go in this super straight line of improvement either. Good luck and remember that you matter to people, really!

Hey friend! Jenny looked at your topic on her stream today :slight_smile: Here is her live video response. Hold Fast!