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Jesus helped me and spoke peace to the trauma I went through. Find someone who knows him and get to know him too. People can help, but he is the power to save. :heart: he restores


I’m so glad you found some peace from the trauma you’ve experienced. Nobody deserve to go through that. I’m so happy you’re here and that you’re standing strong

It is good to hear how you have found healing and peace with the help of your faith and spirituality. Traumatic experiences can shatter the meaning we attribute to life itself, making the world unsafe and difficult to comprehend. You have been experiencing what restores you at a deeper level and what brings healing to your heart. May this be the beginning of fulfilling and meaningful journey to you. There are experiences in life that we can’t control and never deserved to walk through. But with time and support, we can make sure to not let these traumas become what would define our future as a whole.

You are loved and you belong. <3