Jorach_ravenholdt here feeling sad

i feel lonley, guilty of things ive done to myself, im also unnattractive cos of all my self harm scars on my arms, so thats why i have no irl friends or a girlfriend, i feel as if life is getting worse and worse with my mental health going very bad, suffering with paranoia,having suicidal thoughts, even when iw as born i was unlucky cos i was born with mental disabilitys, this is why i lost faith in anything and stopped believing in anything. i have nothing to look forward to i nthe future all i do is play video games cos if i didnt i wouldnt be alive right now. i cant reply to this as i will be deleting the browser im typing on but i jsut wanted to post how im feeling

@revolver_ocelot8 hey man i was born with a learning disablility and other things. I am 30 now and I still make mistakes but all these things in my life are not who I am. They do not define who I am. Worldly things are not forever and know that love and success will come from speaking to others. I am so glad you are sharing on here. I also just want to say I love you and you are worth every second on this earth. Please let us know and keep us updated on your progress on healing which I hope you are.

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Hey @revolver_ocelot8, if by some chance you do end up seeing this, we’d love to give you a copy of our book ReWrite, that we wrote here at HeartSupport. Not only will it help you address the scars and self-harm but also ill help you realize why you feel stuck and only play video games and give you some steps to begin moving forward. If interested. Here’s the link to fill out and we’ll send you a free copy.


Hi, friend.

I sorry you are struggling. I just want you to know that someone cares about how you are feeling. I hear so much of myself in how you are feeling. I hope friend that you are given a sense of comfort in how you are feeling. That you are able to find something to give you peace. I hope that you will come back and see that there are people here who care about you and how you are feeling. Sending you love. <3

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