Just 1 of those days

Just one of those days where I feel like I’m too much… My friend isn’t doing well again… For some reason I can’t help but feel like its my fault… Im too afraid to express it bc anytime I want to express a negative emotion anymore apparently im “crying for attention” but yet people wonder why others isolate themselves…

Yup…just having one of those days… Idk what to do… trying to be social is too hard anymore…bc no one ever wants anything to do with me…


From: twixremix_ (Twitch)

thank you for sharing all this, andy. being social or even finding the energy to do things you dont have the capacity for is so hard sometimes. your willingness to share about your struggles is so courageous… while some see it as a “cry for attention,” i see it as you knowing you are worthy of love, support, and connection. i admire that part of you so much and i hope you find validation in these truths. hope you can do something special for yourself this weekend. love, twix

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From: sakurasraven (Twitch)

andy, i’m really sorry to hear what’s going on. you know we all care about you and your emotions are valid. i totally understand saying your crying for attention. it’s so frustrating to hear. i’m sorry you’re so worn out socially and emotionally. have you been playing roblox or another game that you enjoy? just doing something you like with the energy you have can help. is your sister a safe person to talk with? i will feel very awkward if you’re not the andy i know lol

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I applaud you for your bravery and all the energy you’ve devoted to make this post. it is incredibly difficult to reach out while feeling like we’re too much and don’t have any right to use your voice. not everyone is going to be the right person (or in the right circumstances) to listen, but you are never wrong for reaching out. thank you for not letting the call for isolation be stronger. we’re with you, andy. we see you. we love you, no matter what. <3

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From: the_manekineko (Twitch)

i used to get told i was being over the top and over dramatic with my feelings. you’re right that it does lead to isolation sometimes, but your feelings and thoughts are valid. they are yours and they are important. sometimes unpacking those emotions in a safe space helps to be able to manage them. so i do hope even if it’s here for now you have a safe space to talk about it. you’re loved and you matter

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I’m sorry that your friend is not doing well again. You care deeply and anyone would be blessed to have you as their friend. Please never close off yourself. You are never too much and I hear the pain in your post. Know that you can always come here and there are people who will listen and care. You matter my friend.

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Thank u guys so much these replies and the replies on live today really made my day so much better :heartpulse:


You are so very loved, Andy. Proud of your for reaching out, and thankful that you are part of this community. You make these connections possible. <3

Hey Andy,

I know you were in chat when Dan and Casey responded to your post, but I wanted to post the video of them responding here, you can come back to this video anytime you need some encouragement or support.