Just a crappy night rant…

The one time I’m driving my girlfriend’s car I get into an at-fault car accident. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. Although, I’m left feeling guilty and worthless for being the cause to damage someone else’s possession. Why couldn’t it have been my vehicle? I feel awful and like a careless piece of shit. She seems kind of upset but mostly because her dad blamed her over the phone because I was in her car driving to pick up a bag of hers we have left behind at a restaurant we were eating at prior. Obviously, this was not her fault. But I feel like that makes her even more upset with me because her dad blamed her. This whole night just sucked. I was so in shock when it happened. Literally, all it takes is a second if you attempt to look at your phone while driving. Never do it. It could have been so much worse.


I understand the guilt, although it needs to have an expiration date. It’s hard enough to maintain concentration while driving with no distractions.

Don’t bother feeling worthless. How likely is it that you’ll compensate for the loss if you undermine your own confidence?

Shit happens. Experience teaches, if you let it. You’re no longer the same person who allowed this accident to happen.


You are right. It’s hard not to be upset with myself. However, the event has passed and now I need to learn from it.


Hi Tyler,
thank yo for sharing.
Don’t blame yourself, that happens and you learn from it. No person or animal where hurt, so its just
material damage. Next time you know i am sure.
I was once caught calling on my phone while driving, i had to pay 80 Euro for it. Could have been worst,
but its a lot of money for me. Since then i have my phone away while driving.
Have a nice day my friend and don’t be to hard to yourself, shit happens, feel hugged

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I’m so glad to hear you’re safe. Maybe a bit shaken, but safe!
It does only take a second and sometimes it’s easy to get distracted. Whether it’s the phone or something by the side of the road, it happens.
Her dad was probably upset in the moment which is okay, but once he gets over the shock it’ll hopefully be better with him.
It’s a horrid feeling and it can happen to anyone. You’re not a careless piece of shit, I promise you.
Take care of yourself and get some rest. I hope that tomorrow you feel better.


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