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Just a little ty

i joined Heart Support 2 days ago because i was searching for people i can share my past and experiences to. So this is how i found you. I was in major pain. I was emty and alone at the same time. This will be short because i want to thank everyone who is here spending all their time by talking to people just like me, so we can get better and fight with our illnesses :pleading_face: i will like to thank especially to the prople who made me smile whilereading their replies or texts
Thank you @Kattelogger❤️
Thank you @Micro❤️
Thank you @BrittanyTower❤️
Thank you Heart Support❤️


No need to thank us, but it is much appreciated. We are and always will be here to help you in your times of need. :heart:


Thank YOU @bianka for being here and for trusting this community. Never forget that the first step of reaching out was made by you - and you can be proud of yourself for that! You have friends right here, always. :hrtlegolove: