Just a little update

First of all, I want to thank this community as a whole for all of the support and resources that have been provided so unconditionally. That’s just such an amazing thing and I appreciate it so much. So anyone that has seen my most recent post knows that my really close friend, K, had been having suicidal thoughts recently. She had some pretty severe ones but thanks to the resources provided here I was able to help talk her out of it just enough for her to think clearly. I would have definitely made things worse if it wasn’t for the resources I found here, so I want to give such a huge thank you to this whole community for helping to keep such an amazing person alive. I hope the best for the future.



That’s awesome. :hrtlegolove:
Thank you for keeping us up to speed about your friend’s situation. I’m really glad to hear that she managed to change her mind and to think more clearly.

You’re a good friend to her. Thank you for what you do. <3

Hey, glad to hear it friend! Much love to you and your friend. I hope she continues to find healing