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Just a little vent

Hi everybody,

I just need to vent.

So, before I go into this, I really love my job. I’m thankful for having been given the opportunity to work at my workplace and I hope to eventually retire here. That being said, I think everyone is entitled to a bad day. I am keeping things purposefully vague for obvious reasons. This just really has me wound up.

It is expected of us to pick up slack whenever someone goes on vacation, which is fair as our assignments are time sensitive, others have helped me and I’ve helped others. No problem.

Someone, I will call A, recently went on vacation after not completing an assignment which is holding up one of mine. While A was out, I worked A’s assignment as would be expected. However, when A returned from vacation they abandoned all responsibility for their assignment and basically pawned it off on me. A has already been credited for this and so I would get no credit for my work done and my time is diverted from my work to now complete A’s work. Not only that, but they created a side task in my name and supplied my personal number on it instead of my desk phone number.

So now, I have a tangled web of shit being done by A in my name for an assignment that A abandoned and is now claiming he has no knowledge of, on top of my personal number being released (which was supposed to only be available to my manager).

I have proof that this was A’s work to begin with and A still denies it. I know shit happens. I know after being gone for a couple weeks it takes time to get back into the groove. But literally any time I’ve been gone, I had to take back responsibility for my work upon my return (which I expect) and now suddenly, oops, this is yours now because you touched it while someone was gone.

Give me a break. x.x

/end rant


Ugh, that’s so frustrating. Having a job you like, feeling comfortable there, but being also in the middle of a situation that is truly unfair. The way this person behaved and the way you have to deal with the inconveniences without recognition is really frustrating. Injustice at work, of any kind, is a really hard pill to swallow.

I hope venting here helped to ease a bit the feelings that this situation may create for you. At my last job, I was caught in the middle of some pretty unfair situations as well regarding the freedom that a coworker was giving to themselves and how much it gave me and my other coworkers more work on the top of what we already had to do. It was a different situation of course and it happened that this person was actually incompetent and good at manipulation. But the injustice that was felt ona daily basis was pretty intense. The hardest part is not being followed by your employer/boss is there’s a need to mediate and clarify the situation more officially, so I really hope for you that this situation you’ve described will be resolved with peace, grace and mutual understanding.

It sounds like you’re a pretty good worker and coworker, and I hope they’ll manage to realize that this is not a given in any workplace.

Hold Fast. :hrtlegolove:


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