Just a lonely at times believer

Probably the first thought that comes to mind when we think loneliness is a disparate man for attention. I wish I knew how to explain why that’s just not so.

I’m lonely way more than I had planned in life. I’ve been through a number of relationships all of which were wonder, and then chatting with several women over the years who couldn’t see the big picture and see me for a small piece, I know I shouldn’t let stuff like that get to me. But it’s nature for me to have badly hurt feelings alongside of my heart being miserably broken. I’m tired of it.

I guess I’ll state my unrealistic needs ( even though posting here does give a small nugget of hope)

Before I go further I should make it clear I’m not trying to ramble. At the heart of the post are feelings I have that haven’t been Nutured that well, Need just that.

I’m a bit old fashioned in believing having a wife who I could take and romantically be my my best friend and prepare for a marriage where we can always stay strong and laugh together through the good times and bad. I know God should be the focus. I try to do just that as hard right now as it is given my circumstances. I do read the Bible, I seek it, sometimes too much the thoughts of others. I even have boundaries I try to keep. But sometimes at the end of the day I still have that urge to wish my hand held, get a hug just get that really special touch in person that silently says I’m not alone and like a true friend truly bears my burdens with love.

I know that I’ll probably hear here “ you’re not alone, “ we’re here for u” My heart craves for that In person,not just a few words on a forum and never hear back. But someone who would Feel A desire to want to reach out untill the day I die.

I’m not close with my family they aren’t close. The closest member of my familyI have at times been able to share some of my heart is now In Hospice care due to die soon. None of them really fit the inner need of assurance I always desire, ultimately feeling lonely and lonely and lonely. It’s an endless cycle I wish deep down would stop. And although some may say we are not alone. The only way It can stop outside Gods Grace l Is In person support authentic support. But For what I need I’m feeling hopeless of it ever happening, p

Hugz My Friend! You Are Loved.

You Are Good Person.
You Care About Others.

So I Hope You Find Some Comfort In This My Friend.
Thank You For Sharing Your Thoughts.


You Can Find That Person Who Values And Treasures The Same Things As You Do In Life.
And They Can Find You.

Like Attracts Like.
The Law Of Attraction.

As Long As You Keep Putting Forth Your Best Efforts Into Being The Best You That You Can Imagine, Everyday That You’re Alive,
It Raises The Odds Of You Meeting That Person.

And That Person Is Probably Searching For Someone Just Like You.

Life Will Provide You With A Companion That Will Bring You Balance.
And Balance To Their Own Life As Well.
Because They Will Value The Same Things That You Do.
Like Attracts Like.
So If You Want A Person Who Values The Same Things As You Do, I Would Say…Embody Those Values With Your Best Efforts.
Every Second Of Every Day.
And It Might Just Increase Your Chances Of Finding Them.
And Them Finding You.


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