Just a thank you

I just wanted to spend some time to say thank you to everyone for the support and encouragement I’ve received being here. I still have been struggling from time to time with various things, but I’m learning how to get through it. Like I’m becoming a different person and some of that is good. I’ve also become a little bit more comfortable asking for help in certain areas.
So one day I hope I can be even half as supportive and generous as all of you.
I’m like a huge fan of kindness and believe you never know how what you say can help change someone! I really hope you all find somewhere safe to let yourself be cared about x
Thank you all again ^u^



You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


Its nice to encourage others! I hope you continue to grow and I am glad that this community has positively impacted you. :slight_smile:


So very proud of you @Zarzie.

It takes time to trust others and to learn to reach out, but what matters is that you try, you learn, you open the door to new opportunities.

You have a beautiful heart and it will keep growing stronger with the love you are willing to share as well.

You always have a safe place right here. :hrtlegolove:


Micro you particularly are such a wonderful soul. Honestly I appreciate you so so much and the way you’re so patient and kind with helping others. You’re like a perfect example of spreading kindness and positive words.


Gratitude is a wonderful thing! It’s also a very good way to learn about yourself, because whatever you admire in others exists or potentially exists within yourself.

Just saying thank you provides far reaching encouragement, which enhances other’s ability to express even more compassion.


@Zarzie You are absolutely welcome!



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