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Just discovered you guys. I lost my dad pretty tragically in 2009. This new album hits home so fucking hard :black_heart: Thank you


My heart goes out to you. Losing someone is so hard. I’m so glad you have something like this music to help you through. Those cherished memories and time spent together will be such a wonderful catalyst too.

Sending plenty of thoughts and virtual hugs your way while you are trying to navigate the loss of your dad. There’s no doubt that your dad had such a strong impact on you, on your life, and that having to learn how to live without his presence has been a painful process so far. They say grief isn’t linear, and there truly isn’t a right or wrong way to integrate the absence of someone we dearly love. I hope that you make sure to be kind and patient with yourself, especially when the waves of grief hit more deeply. Love doesn’t know time or physical distance. He keeps living through you. Thank you for honoring us not only with your voice and vulnerability, but also with the mention of your dad who must have been an incredible person. <3