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Well guess what?
Uno Reverse


You are awesome @Mystrose!

This reminded me of the philosophy of the word/prhase: Soham.
Soham or Sohum* (सो ऽहम्) so 'ham or so 'Hum is a Hindu mantra meaning:
“I am He/She/That” in Sanskrit.

“In Vedic philosophy, it means identifying oneself with the universe or ultimate reality.” I find great comfort and direction in this, because I don’t have to find my place in the world. The world and myself are one, and that means my place is right where I am :slight_smile:

“You are” is a complete and whole thought, to me. The act of being is enough to make you worthwhile and deserving. You matter (and you are literally matter too! ← physics joke lol)

Have a great day, whoever reads this!

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That’s really interesting @Sita thank you for sharing.

So, the fact that you are alive makes you worthy and deserving. What a concept, isn’t it?

:rofl: :joy:

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