Just some life issues

Recently i have been feeling depressed and lonely i am homeschooled and i have no one to talk to, and i stopped doing my work theres no reason in doing my work i just feel hopeless ive always wanted to be a singer and i gave up on that, ive stopped eating and im having relationship problems i don’t know what to do anymore i never go out cause of snow and i have a mental problem where snow makes me depressed


From: Mamadien

Victoria, welcome to heart support my friend. I’m sorry that you are feeling lonely and depressed right now. It’s hard when you are home all day for school. Do you have friends through another place such as church or other activities? I’m going to ask some questions because I think you need to figure out who you can talk to about how you are feeling. Do you feel safe talking to your parents? What about another family member or is there another adult you trust? Being in that place of not wanting to do your school work or to eat or do the usual things you enjoy is not a good place to be. Please talk to someone and let them know how you are really feeling. We’re here to listen and to support you, but you are in a place where you need the help of a trusted adult. Stay safe and let us know how you are doing. You and how you are feeling matter.

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Hello Victoria7, welcome to Heart Support. I’m sorry that you’re having problems with feeling depressed and lonely. It sounds like you need a little bit of help, so talking to an adult you trust might be something to think about. Are you able to talk to your parents about how you’re feeling? If you don’t feel safe doing that, how about another adult that you trust? School nurse or a teacher? If you would like to talk more about what is going on, we’d love to help support you more. You matter! ~Mystrose


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Friend, welcome to HeartSupport, its lovely to meet you, Im Lisa. You do sound very unhappy right now and Im so sorry about that, it must be very hard being home schooled with no one to really speak to. You are welcome to message here on the wall whenever you need to talk, we will always respond to you on the support wall. I think its great that you want to be a singer and unfortunate that you have given up on the idea, you are so young there is still plenty of time to get out there and live your dreams, you never know what might happen. I have a feeling you could do very well for yourself. Oh and one last thing, snow doesnt make me depressed but im really frightened of it so your not the only one who isnt very keen. You sound like a super person, I wish you a fabulous future, dont forget we are here for you. Much Love Lisa. x


Well i have asked my mom for a therapist once and i almost broke out into tears when she said i just needed a new hobby, sadly our family has took my mom to court for visitation and im only allowed to talk to them 1time every two weeks or for two weeks when i go to them.

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As i am homeschooled the only teacher is my mom and i dont trust her i have a sister but she is going through alot and i dont want to bother her.

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Thank you lisa, yes it is very hard being homeschooled everyone was jealous on the last day that i was being homeschooled but its a real struggle i really want to be in public school again in 5th grade i didn’t do any of my work either 6th grade i was in public school so i had to and now im in 7th grade it gets really hard to have any motivation i barley get any lessons i just am expected to do i session a day.
I do have my sisyer shes in 11th grade but even she dosent do her work.

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And my mom wants me and my sister to learn Japanese as i want to learn korean cause of my singing career, i think part of me has given up on it and some of me keeps going. and its very hard to avoid the snow when i live in north America.


Welcome to Heart Support, Victoria7
Thank you for posting here, I know reaching out can often take courage. If you feel like you have no one to talk to, the Heart Support discord guild is a good place to connect with people.

Here are some good resources that I use when I do not understand material: Khan Academy, Openstax, CK-12, Libretexts,

I have done some acting and singing before, and it is very common to feel hopeless at first when you have less experience. Pushing past or living with the ‘performance hopelessness’ and nervousness is a big challenge that is part of performing arts. This will get better with confidence and practice, which is why we have so many rehearsals before a show. I believe that your ability will get better over time.

A tip for when things get too difficult: try to have non-zero days, days where anything is progress, no matter how small. If doing all of the math problems takes up more energy than you have, just do one. If going outside is too much, just open the windows for fresh air.

Here for you,


Thank you for your advice, i will start trying some of those out

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Today im feeling kinda better my boyfriend hasnt talked to me 5 days in a row but he finally did and he said hes going through alot right now. But i thing i was bothering him cause i kept texting him.


I’m glad you’re feeling better! Remember to take care of each other :slight_smile:

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Today i got motivated to do some work and hopefully i do more tomorrow

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I did more work today!!! Ive been opening the window recently and ive so been timing gametime😊

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Hey Victoria7

Dan and Casey responded to your post today live on stream with some words of support and love.

Here is a link to the video of their response you can watch anytime you are needing some encouragement!

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Yeah i really miss the sight of other people right next to me other than my mom and sister i love them but i want to meet other people. I see people on Instagram everyday that make post of them and talk about self confidence and how much they love themselves, people tell me not to compare myself to others but its hard not to. And about not eating i just started giving up on everything i dont know why i have gotten distracted alot and my first priorities are my friends and my family and not me, my whole life i have been very social and getting pulled out of public school right when i was about to go to middle school. People always think im being too dramatic because im young, i once told mom that i wanted to see a therapist and she said i just needed a hobby.

Back when I was in school, my dad thought about homeschooling me, but was concerned about me not being around other people my age. There was someone we knew that stated homeschooling her grandson, and she told my dad that they have a lot of opportunities for people who are homeschooled to socialize with each other. I don’t know where you live or what the situation is, but you might want to look for things like that.

I will throw this idea out as well, but one thing you might want to think about as well is finding a church with a large youth group that does a lot of activities. Even if you don’t care about the religious aspect, you will have some people your age to hang out with. I know when I was a teenager, if it had not been for the youth group, I was a part of there are a lot of fun things I never would have done.

Well i have tried online socializing but i still feel lonely and im not able to go to alot of places because of covid my mom is very strict about that, especially with a condition i have.

Today was horrible my sister got appendicitis i know she’s gonna be fine but i just want to burst out in tears

It’s okay to cry, let your feelings out. Crying is a natural human response to stress, and your sister’s appendicitis is a very valid reason to be stressed. I hope both of you are doing alright.