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So earlier this month I decided to finally start doing something about this depression. I’ve come up with a brief list of a few artists who talk about mental illness and other things as well. I just feel like these artists really help me get through the day and they help me stay level headed. Hopefully one of these artists can help one of you. I know almost every song by all these guys so if you want a song suggestion just let me know.

J Cole
Dizzy Wright
Westside Boogie


Hey @Stylin! Thank you for the suggestions! I’m always looking for new music. :slight_smile: One of my favorite artists is NF - I highly recommend for you to check him out! His music is very deep, but it helps me through difficult seasons as well. I’m sure you’ve probably heard his biggest song “Let You Down”!


Hey @Stylin,

I love some good music and new artists to check out. I’m excited to add these guys to the list! Thanks for sharing friend. Have you got an album suggestion to start with for J Cole? (I’m just going to make my way down the list). And nice one @Eric, it’s dope!

With love,

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Hey guys,
This is probably super obvious, but does Heart Support have a Spotify account or a collaborative playlist?

Probably, however if you head into discord there’s a playlist channel where people have shared some of their favourite music <3


He just released a new album this month called K.O.D, one of my favorites is called forest hills drive, its a such a great album


Check out Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda’s solo album, Post Traumatic. I think you will like it. It has different styles such as Alternative Hip-Hop, Alternative Pop, Electronica, Trap, Alternative Rock undertones, it has piano playing, and some Experimental sounds too. It has become one of my favorite albums of 2018. Hehe. :relieved:



Yo! Check out

  • Julien Baker
  • Paramore (their new album deals with some mental illness themes)

Hey @laurelinoblivion - To my knowledge, HeartSupport doesn’t have a Spotify playlist (but definitely should!).

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