Just struggling

My depression has been spiraling out of control lately. I just want to disappear. My family would be better off without me. All I want to do lately is either sleep or self harm. I don’t hear from anyone or go any where. I’m isolating myself when I do go out (work or to church). I keep thinking how everyone would be better off without me. I’m not around all that much anyway so it wouldn’t be that much of a difference if I was gone or not. Just struggling right now with life and depression.

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Thank you for taking the time to share how you are feeling. I am so sorry to hear you are hurting so much right now. It can be so hard in those darkest moments of our days. The fact that you opened up and reached out here shows how much inner strength you have my friend. I am grateful for that. Please know you are not alone at all. It may seem like it. I, too, isolate myself away from so many things in life on most days. I feel better off alone as much as I love people and want to feel loved.

I know you may want to just disappear but I promise you that the world truly is a better place with you in it. I may not know you personally or your story but I do know with all my heart that you have unique talents and gifts that only YOU can offer the world. It’s okay you are feeling this way. It’s okay that you are not okay. We are here for you completely. I want you to be around on this earth and I don’t want you to disappear my friend.

Can you go do something today that will help bring a smile to your face? I see from your profile picture that you seem to be into photography. If that’s the case, go find something to photograph that will make you smile and bring joy to your spirit. I’m not saying that will fix everything but it’s a small step you can do today.

Let me know if I can help in any way. I believe in you my friend. Stay strong, you are loved!

  • Geoffrey

Hey, do you want it to change? If you want this feeling to subside and things to change, then you have to work for it. Sometimes we say things like this because we want things to change so badly, but we don’t know how to go about it. I think seeking help would be the best. You think no one will notice but think of it this way: You can’t really hear the bass in a song that isn’t focused on it. But you sure can hear it when it’s not there anymore. People will notice. People will hurt. You would be making them feel the way you do right now. It’s okay to ask for help. You have to want this. If you are comfortable like this and don’t want the change, then there is nothing or no one to help you. You can change this. I know you can. I would like you to watch a film called Call To Courage. I feel this will really open your eyes and give you a way out that is healthier.

Hi, friend.

I know so much of this feeling. I felt like you were speaking my own heart as I read this. There’s a battle that I fight quietly on a daily basis. Dark thoughts that blanket my mind.

You are not alone my friend. I know we are hurting and we carry a lot of hurt, but we have to keep on fighting! We deserve to feel better, to love and value ourselves and to push through this. Don’t give up my friend. I know it’s easier said than done because I face this every single day.

But I want you to know that you don’t have to face it alone. I’m sorry that you are hurting so much. That you are feeling this way.

I isolate a lot too. But this world would not be better off without you. You are important. You are of value. But how you feel is valid.

I hope that you will reach out to the things and the people that bring you some kind of happiness, even if temporary and hang onto those things for strength.

Reach out to a pastor or a leader of the church and ask for prayer. Maybe a therapist. Anything that can help you along the way and offer guidance.

I have a list of links that I put together that has all kinds of resources. From mind calming music, meditation audio, mental health discussions, all of heart supports links! Including links to their book “Dwarf Planet” which is a guide through depression. You can purchase it on amazon or you can follow the link in this thread where they will send you a free copy.

I hope something here can offer you some peace of mind and comfort. I know it doesn’t resolve the pain you are going through, but I have found these things to be at least a small light for me.

So much love to you

  • Kitty
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