Just think of ending it

Honestly thinking “what’s the point?” I feel so invisible the past 3 years I’ve been adopted 2 times and having cps taking me away.

I’ve not been in school at all in 2022 as I’ve been bullied so much that I just hide.

Help please


Hi Aces, let me be the first to tell you that you are not invisible friend. You are very much seen and heard here and I am so sorry that you seem to have been passed around and feel like no one sees you or cares how you think or feel about that. It must be so hard not being able to just get up and go to school like others do right?
It’s not right that you are not being asked how you feel and if there is any other adult that you can go to that will listen then please go and talk to them and if you are feeling very unhappy you must Try and talk to someone you trust. You can talk to us whenever you like too but it’s good to find someone in your life that you can go to just to share your thoughts. I understand that’s hard when you are being moved around. We are here for you. You are not on your own.
Much love
Lisa x


I’m so sorry you’ve been put through so much at a young age. It’s not a reflection of you and your worth. Just know you are not responsible for the decisions adults have made in your life. You deserve a place to call home and for people to love on you and take care of you. It just hurt having to worry if you’re going to get taken somewhere new any time.

Ugh people in school can be the worst. I hate that they’re mistreating you so badly. Have you been able to address it with a teacher or anyone? Your voice deserves to be heard. You deserve to have someone stand up for you and help you through this.

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Aces, you are not invisible here and I’m glad you are here with us. It’s hard to see yourself as valuable with all you are going through but you are worth more than you know. You are a wonderful, caring, compassionate person who is an important part of this community. I care what happens to you and I’m here to listen when you want to talk.

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Hey aces, hope you’re doing okay! Just letting you know we are always here if you need


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