Just thought i would share

Hey, it’s been a while.
I took a while to focus on studies and my health. Now i try to eat something during the day even if its a piece of fruit in the morning to see me through the day. I stopped excessively working out and making myself throw up. I still work out when i can of course.

I have rebuilt a couple relationships and cut off toxic ones. I broke connections to my toxic ex who made me feel like i wasn’t good enough, threatened me and hit me. That meant i had to break a friendship of 8 years because she decided to date him and he actually chose to change and become better for her. That hurt at the time because i couldn’t believe that he was capable of change the whole time but i just wasn’t good enough for the change. I don’t think about it much now though, and if i do i don’t really have an emotion towards it anymore.

I’m actually starting to become happier and more confident. Of course i have my days, but so do the best of us.
Just thought i would update those who have followed my journey if they remember me haha.


I’m glad you’re doing better. Congratulations! Regarding your ex, it’s very common for a person to change behavior for a new relationship. I think it has to do with at least two things. The first is that problematic relationships usually have deeply entrenched miscommunication patterns and habitual resistance to change. The second is, that a person is likely to tell themselves, “I won’t screw up this relationship like I did the last one.”

There’s also a strong possibility that he won’t continue to act “reformed,” and will eventually treat her as he treated you. If she becomes hard assed enough to put him in his place quickly as soon as he starts to act up, maybe the relationship will continue working.

I’m glad that shitty relationship is behind you.

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