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Just here to write again, it’s another night just in my head, i have a friend that understands but she’s in a different time zone and all so I don’t want to wake her up. Just struggling with my relationship man. I just like I think I’m mentally checked out. Today I’m like just not wanting to be here around this house with her anymore. Like she’s talking about how everything is bad and horrible but like she’s making no proactive steps to bed better get better make things better. So like I told her that the things she’s yelling about are effecting our relationship and she pretty much blew me off about it and it’s been two months of this. I know this is bad but the friend in a different time zone like I had feelings for her forever and the way she talks to me and all like the way she treats me like I’m longing for her but like the feelings aren’t reciprocal. And I don’t know how to leave this girl I’m with because she says her life will be over and like it’s a lot. I don’t want to be the reason she takes her own life when I try to be an advocate for mental health. Like I’m just not happy and want to walk away but o don’t know if I should walk away or give it time, like I don’t know How to handle relationship problems like this because the last girlfriend cheated so it was just over and I’m just lost now!


Has she considered professional help at all? Sometimes these behaviours stem from other feelings that could be worth taking a look into?

We cannot be responsible for actions people take. It’s a hard hard pill to swallow. Has she ever threatened that to you before? As much as we want to ensure someone is safe and okay we also have to make sure our (your) own mental health and safety are being first and foremost looked after. This is why I asked if she would be open to having professional help. Feeling like you want to harm yourself because someone can’t provide the relationship that you both need isn’t healthy for either of you.

It could be worth contacting other people she is close to to ensure her well being too?

Keep holding strong, friend


Hey thanks for the response I’m trying to hold strong I’m trying to reach out and talk, I went and saw my mom today for the first time in a long time to talk because I felt she’d be less judgmental and she’d have advice because my dad was abusive to her really abusive. She gave me some good insight, unfortunately my gf refused the idea of getting help said some nasty things about therapy and all. Even though therapy has kept me alive. My mom maid solid points about it not being normal to not want to come home and that screaming at people is not a form of good normal communications even though my gf claims that’s her normal way. She said basically she thinks it’s time to consider leaving and that’s a hard pill to swallow for sure. I don’t know what or how I’m going to do this. It’s been exactly a year and a half but I want to be happy I want to be married and be a dad and all that stuff and that’s just not a reality for me here and I think that’s fueling a lot of negative emotion. So I’ll fight on access my situation make a plan and hopefully be on my feet happy again soon. Been in therapy for two months now 2 weeks to the psychologist to address the bi polar disorder formally, one day at a time right


I’m so sorry your mum had to go through that awful situation, but I am glad she was able to give you some insight into her situation and hopefully to recognise some patterns in your own.
Unfortunately we can’t force people to seek help or to listen, and it really is hard!
I think it’s good you’re working towards a plan, just make sure in the meantime you’re staying safe too! Maybe your therapist can work together with you to create some steps to help you get to where you need and then how to move on from there.
It’s never easy having to end a relationship of any kind especially when there’s always a chance the other person will react in a very negative way, but I think I said it before that we cannot take on the responsibility of other peoples actions or reactions. There comes incredible guilt when you go down that road and maybe you have felt it before. I know it’s hard not to listen to the blame throwing in these situations, I’ve had similar situations where “this will be your fault if you leave me” kind of words were thrown. Protect your heart and protect your mental health and keep communicating with your therapist and mum about it. Let us know how you’re going!


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