Just Venting ig

Idk this is just a vent but I haven’t been on this website in like 2 years. I had an old acc but I lost the info to use it like username and stuff so I just made a new one today. I won’t really be on here a lot bc I only use this website to vent every once in a while. I’ve been happier for the past 2 years bc I have ppl who support me and will listen to me, but idk I just felt like coming here today to see what’s changed here. Anyways, I just wanna talk/type lol idk about life and just things that have been bothering me lately (sorry for bad grammar btw). I’m 14 years old, in 8th grade in the US, but idk I just don’t feel really motivated lately. I can’t socialize with other students, even though in general I’m not really a social person. During class, we can’t talk to each other because of it being online without getting intureupted and stuff so idk.I just feel kinda lonely sometimes, even though I do have a few ppl I message thru online platforms. I have this 1 friend I knew back in 3rd grade and then we never really talked to each other until last year bc we were in the same orchestra class so we regularly send each other questions about class and memes. Then I have this friend I know from publications and we basically talk about school and just memes too. Then I have my main friend and we’ve known each other since 3rd grade also but didn’t really start hanging out till last year and we hang out like every week but this friend idk they’re kinda intense. Most of the time we’re chill and stuff but they lowkey have anger issues. They get mad whenever I do something wrong, and they usually like hit my arm or something and I kinda get scared but ig it’s fine. We’re friends, right? Also, this friend is the 2nd child out of 5 them being 13 and they have younger twin 7-year-olds (Idk if that made sense lol), a four year old brother, and a 20 year old sister. Her parents are cool and all but the mom’s kinda toxic and I think my friend gets it from her. We hang out each others houses every week so we’re pretty comfortable with each other, but I feel like we’re a little too comfortable. Like my friend is comfortable enough with my family that they sometimes hit my twin and little brother when my friend gets mad at them, and I feel like it’s just inappropriate/unnecessary, especially when they hit my little bro. Like, I don’t hit their siblings, and in general you just shouldn’t hit ppl in general. Another thing that I probably should’ve done is tell my frined to stop, but I kinda got scared that they’d hit me if I did that so I didn’t do anything about it and they know it cause I asked them once, “Why do you hit me even though don’t hit you?” and my friend said back “Because I know you won’t fight back” so idk what to do :l. I really love this friend tho (AS A FRIEND), they’re one of the 1st ppl I ever really opened up to and I don’t wanna lose them so idk. Welp ig this is all for my venting bc I gotta go do art hw, bi bi : )


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