Just wanna say stuff

It seems like none of my friends want to talk to me and it seems like my family hates me so it seems like im stuck just being alone and i hate being alone cause it makes me feel like ill never find anyone who actually wants to be there for me when i need them to be.

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Hi cookie. I’ve been there. Sometimes a big part of the problem is facing the problem alone, isn’t it?

This place’s for you. We’re here for you. You don’t have to be alone anymore.

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@sureacookiename I know for myself I thought this and still do at times. You can’t change other people. Yet what you can do is change yourself.
Talk to your family & friends. If they won’t talk to you find someone that will. (We will communicate with you.)
Loneliness can be suffocating at times.
Thanks for sharing. I hope you can find someone that you can confide in and please return.