Just wanted to say thanks to everyone

Lately, I have been feeling really “happy” in a way. I have lived alone for a bit now. I thought that I would just go back into my depressive state, like I normally do when i’m alone. But YOOOO here I am! Didn’t cry yet. Didn’t harm myself yet. Didn’t call every friend of mine in order to invite myself to somebody’s place out of loneliness yet. I think that it may be because this community made me feel like I can share things without it ever turning toxic and without feeling not valid just because of my age.

Lovely seeing everyone here. Lovely reading every topic. Lovely responding and trying to help anyone that I can. I feel so hopeful for my future. I never felt like this before. I haven’t really talked to a in real life human in 2 days and I feel amazing (although maybe I should or I will lose all of my social abilities lmao), which never happened to me before.

Thank you everyone for reading my topics and helping me out. Thank you for answering to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Im so glad I found this community


What a wonderful message, @fullysaddo. This is SO powerful and SO uplifting! I’m glad you feel safe and found some support here. The strength and hope that you have belongs to you, it’s part of you. Sometimes we just need the right environment to get back on our feet.

Enjoy your victories and all the positive vibes.

Thank you for sharing this, and thank you for being part of this community! You are loved. :hrtlegolove:

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Awww :,) Thank you so much @Micro! I didn’t think that anyone would respond, since this isn’t a support topic. I really appreciate everything! Wishing you a happy and fulfilling day!

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