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Just woke up

Just woke up and I wanna cry. I hate being sad all the time


Hey @Stuck,

I’m so sorry that you woke up with this feeling. It’s heartbreaking that the first thing we feel some days is this sadness and need to stay in bed. What I find personally helpful during those days is to try to accept it as it is. There are days when we’re not looking forward to doing anything nor feeling any energy, and that is okay - especially on a Sunday. You can decide to make today a self-care day, could it be made of rest or doing calm things that soothe your heart. You won’t feel like this forever. Being sad is not an emotional state you are meant to be stuck in. Make sure to be gentle with yourself today. Your heart needs it. You need it. :hrtlegolove:


Hey @Stuck ,

Sorry you woke up like this and feel this way all the time. It’s exhausting and can become this horrible cycle of bad sleep , bad mood means bad sleep , repeat .

I struggle with my emotions and sleep . It might help to try and get better quality of sleep , with ear plugs or no screens after a certain time. I try not to eat late either . Tiny changes can have huge results.

This is not how it will be always , it’s just how things are now. It will get better , even if it feels like forever , you will get there friend. You will , all the best!

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would having a gratitude journal help you? Write five things you’re grateful for? Five things that bring you feelings of peace/love/happiness/safety ?
Waking up in a sad mood is not a nice feeling, but it doesn’t mean the whole day has to be this way. Think of it as your brain processing some sad thoughts while you were asleep to free up your waking mind to deal with new experiences or emotions. And then try to create a new moment of joy or peace during the day to give your brain something happy to think about while you sleep. Do some meditation, positive affirmations, a nice cup of tea or coffee, a piece of dark chocolate, a nice fruit.

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