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I can never get out of this cycle of trying and failing, I feel like my life has no purpose


Hey there! I’m proud of you for reaching out - for giving us the opportunity to listen and hear you. It’s hard to feel like you can’t do anything right. It can lead to despair, lack of hope… Your track record of making it through failures so far in life is 100%. Despite what life has served up, you are here, and that’s worth celebrating. Your failures are teaching - whether they are teaching you or someone else - you do have a purpose in this life. Your story and your voice can make a difference to someone - a friend, or even a stranger. But not knowing or recognizing what that purpose is can be really discouraging. I would encourage you to find something small to accomplish today - washing a dish, feeding a pet, watering a plant, etc. - and give that accomplishment (no matter how small) the time and space in your own head to celebrate it. Tiny things can be wins. That’s not to say bigger things don’t still sting when they’re in the loss column, but maybe it can help balance it out. I hope something happens today to make your heart smile!

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