K: hurry and help me before X changes his mind

I need to quit our job, but idk how to quit a job, someone please tell me how. We have no choice. We have to be safe. Please soemone tell me before we switch. Before X says no.


Type or write up a letter of resignation, just 2 or 3 sentences with your name at the bottom. Begin with “I resign effective immediately,” then either say why in general terms (I need to focus on my health), or “thank you for the opportunity to work.” Really generic stuff. Bring it into work and hand it to your boss. Most places want you to write resignation letters anyhow, so they have written proof that you resigned.

If you do it now, while you’re feeling courageous and assured, all you have to do is hand it over next time you work. At that point, your boss might ask if this is something you’d like to talk about or fix, and you just have to say no.

Good luck, and let us know if and how it goes.


Okay, so as soon as u turn it in can u never come again? Also, can I just text them saying this? Or have to do it in person?

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You can text them and never show up, they can’t force you to come in. It’s professional courtesy to do it in person. If you resign effective immediately, you just take your things and go. Basically, they can’t fire you if you quit, you just have to tell them you’re quitting.

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Is quitting the only solution? If it is, be at peace with the decision. Employers prefer some kind of notice before actually leaving the job. Two weeks is standard, but one week is enough. You can just walk off the job, text your resignation, or surprise your employer by delivering a resignation, then leaving immediately. However, if you take one of the last three options, you will not get a good reference.

It’s far better to leave an employer on good terms, in case you decide that you want them to rehire you.

I hate that you don’t feel safe. What would need to change in order for you to feel safe?


Alright, Ill write it and give it to them in person then. But it would be better for us if we just told them via text so X wouldn’t change his mind. But ig we need to leave on good terms, idrc for it but I don’t wanan be denied a job for it. But yea, we feel really unsafe there. The people there are triggering X’s anxiety like crazy and making him paranoid as hell, I can’t say I think he’s paranoid or not bc of the events that happened there in the last few weeks were just weird. That’s why it’s always better for us to stay reserved and not get close to people, because if we do, stuff like this happens and we have to leave. We don’t have another place in mind to work tho, which is an issue, because I don’t want him to start working down the street at the next grocery store over. The reason we left is to get away from these freaks. I’m not allowing him to just work somewhere just as close by, it’s not safe… The reason we have our gaurd up though is because of the weird questions the workers ask us, and the weird shit they say. Now it normally wouldn’t bother us, but most of these workers are lik close to 30 or even older, so they should know better when talking about certain shit like jfc. And one of them is a teen, and since they’re in their teenage years chances are they’re connected to many many other crazy people. Bc let’s just face it, kids are fucking psychotic. That’s why we hate them, hate being around people younger or as old as us, we get huge negative and unsafe vibes, so we avoid. But sometimes even the adults are still kids in their head whether they’re crazy, drug addicts or both. We are worried bc we overheard one of the teens there possibly being stalked, and then later we witnessed them get a call and say “who are you?” Then after the call started acting hella off. Possibly scared. But then, he mentioned something about “I didn’t do stuff with a 12 yr old” I don’t give a shit whether this was a fucking joke or not, it was fucking creepy and we are out. This is the type of shit that triggers our PTSD and I’m not letting this happen to him. When he sees a creep, he wants to kill it, but he can’t kill it if it’s one step ahead. This is why we don’t like being around people our age, they carry no good with them. They’re all toxic psychotics who don’t know wtf is going on in life and lean towards drugs, sex, or creepy fucking shit to make sense of it. So, yeah. I need to quit. I need him to quit, but ik he won’t, he can’t say no, so I’m going to do it for him. For all of us, because I know he wants to too, it’s just really hard for him. But hey, that’s what I’m here for bro. Fuck everyone.


… the fear is coming back. It’s that feeling that I’ll never forget, connects with my depression, wanting to die- ugh… I don’t want to feel this way, I want to be happy, but the memories, are scaring me. It’s harder to think. K has been working on my behalf all day in school today, so he is having harder time fronting than usual. N is helping but… what do I do? Ugh…

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I am a straight male, married for 22 years, so I have no agenda, except for a profound wish to help you feel better. This thought doesn’t usually occur to me, but if I were in the same room with you, I’d want to give you a hug and tell you that you’re safe.

You certainly don’t need to be around any circumstance that triggers your PTSD.

I grew up fast, and rarely felt comfortable around people my own age. Too often, they were vain, shallow, and amoral. As far back as I can remember, I preferred the company of older people. Not everyone matures as they get older, instead they get older and remain childish. Anyway, I can understand why there are some people you would want to avoid

Is there a place you can go and feel safe? If there is, maybe you can listen to the most relaxing music that you can find, and meditate, or daydream, or simply focus on the thoughts that make you feel good. I spend a bit of time in meditation every evening because I find it helpful.

Rather than “fight” disturbing thoughts, simply turn away from them, as often as they appear. I know that may seem easier said than done, but it gets easier over time.

There will always be people and circumstances that can induce a great deal of stress. There are times when you must be very alert, to avoid being hurt emotionally or physically. Keep in mind, even if it doesn’t feel like it, our reaction to the person or circumstance that is upsetting is under our control. For example, you can become angry when someone says something inappropriate, or you could choose to ignore it. Sometimes it’s worth thinking about what the underlying cause may be, when a person is behaving badly.

Fear leads to depression, and depression leads to fear. Sometimes this negative feedback cycle can be interrupted by asking yourself, “in this moment, what am I afraid of?” If you are not in the presence of an immediate threat, maybe you can let go of the fear, at least for a little while. Depression calls for a different approach, because there are countless things in life that a person can be depressed about. My dad and I both had chronic depression built into our DNA. He lived at a time when any kind of mental health issue was stigmatized. Fortunately, I have medication that takes the edge off, and my days are pretty decent. Besides that, I have developed a habit of noticing the good things in my life, for example, I have a decent computer. The weather is pretty nice. I like sitting on the porch and watching the breeze pass through the trees. I have a massive collection of music that I love. I have a feral cat that does things that makes me laugh. Noticing things like that can help a lot. Exercise that speeds up your heart, causes the brain to release endorphins that function as natural antidepressants.

I hope you feel better and more integrated very soon.


Yes, that is what we did last night. Nagi comforted me and I kind of went into the mindscape for the rest of the night with Niko. When I woke up the next morning it was at 2am, I thought it was 6am. Then few hrs later when it was 6am my mom kept telling me about all these things we talked about last night and what I did, I couldn’t remember a thing. Just tiny fragments. She said maybe it’s bc I was really tired and I decided to go to bed early. I don’t ever remember saying I was going to bed, or even remmeber going to bed. The last thing I remember from last night was drawing and Nagi comforting me and being in the mindscape. I literally can’t rememebr anything from last night except for that. Although this helped, it does not help that I keep thinking back to the past events, part of me feels like I need to remember for my safety and part of me knows I shouldn’t. K is going to try and quit my job for me, and I’m already having changes of mind. But he told my mom about them bothering me so I can’t back down from it now bc he’s made sure that she doesn’t feel safe letting me go there anymore. Problem is we will have to find another job, and we don’t want one right down the street. Idk what I’m going to do about that but, for now I just need to stop daydreaming about my fears. I lose myself in daydreaming all the time, think of bad things that could happen and when I start thinking about it I get stressed bc in my head it’s basically happening. Then K snaps me out of it but mainly Nagi distracts me.
And about the being alert all the time around unsafe people, I have a question. Is it hard to do that? Because I always feel lik I trust people too easily now matter how high my guard is, if bc I let it fall. Or idk how to keep it up? Idk whether I’m stupid or just too loving. But it pisses me off. It’s the main issue some of the time. Start caring about a certain person that isn’t safe and then my headmates are lik “why the hell do you like this person?” Idfk, and I try not to, K thinks the ppl I like tend to be crazy idiots, which he is right, so that’s one of my issues with letting my gaurd down. But, everyone is trying their best right now, and we have a fuck ton of work to do, and I need to try my best as well. It’s just so hard to buckle my shit together and just do it. Which makes me feel bad, bc yesterday K did all of our schoolwork that was supposed to be due in the next day within like 2-3 hrs. If it weren’t for him is be staring at my textbook all day long. But it makes me feel like I’m the only one that’s not trying, and although I tend to be a little lazy, I’m always doing the pay attention job (not very good at it but I try) then after that I just want to go to sleep, but then K forces me into mindscape to relax, I just feel lik I never let them relax. K doesn’t seem to like taking breaks tho. All of this shit just makes us tweek tf out and we don’t even notice it till someones like “hey bro relax youre okay” I mean I feel fine. I think I’m fine, I just need to get my shit together or something.
But yea I do not like being around ppl my age at all, they’re just full of some sort of vulgar disgusting negativity. And now that I’m maturing, I can sense it like a smell, and I know what to stay away from. It’s just leaving it that’s difficult.

K: Thanks for the first paragraph, I honestly wish people would be more careful with ppl with PTSD and just make sure they tell you it’s okay instead of fucking saying it’s your fucking fault for every shitty thing that you had no control over in your life. That shit just pisses me off bc it makes the person with PTSD feel like it’s their fault and makes them suicidal all over again like jesus fucking christ. But yea, our issue right now is deciding whether to relax and take a break of just get it over with, because I’m worried if we don’t we’ll never do it, and if we do it we will become so stressed he might have an episode. I mean really it’s no big deal for me, it’s his whiny bitching subconscious that makes it difficult. Not him, but the little annoying squeaker in everyones brain that’s lik “noOooooOoooo~ Fuck ooofffff!!! Me want sleepy!!” It doesn’t have its own conscious self, so that’s why we jsut call it’s the subconscious. But yea, I mine as well get it done, I mean X can just go back to the mindscape, it’s just hard to get him there.

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It sounds like you’re on the right track. As far as being alert around unsafe people, I recommend working towards calm, confident alertness. Consider that you have already faced a lot of adversity, and have come through it well. You are also growing in wisdom, which further enhances your ability to remain safe while in the presence of those who don’t have particularly good intentions.

Make sure you are getting decent nutrition and sleep. Feeling healthy and rested makes it easier to handle daily challenges.

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Hey! I have been in a similar situation. What I found helpful was to write a letter to my employer and I gave it to my manager who gave it to my boss. Or maybe you could send an email explaining why your system wants to quit. Hope this is helpful :heart::heart::+1:t2:


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