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Kind of worried, haha

I’m not sure if I have to put a trigger when I use this site, but I’ll put one anyway!!

Okay, um trigger warning for v0m1t/thr0w1ng up.

So, uh. Whenever I think of my friends, I feel nauseous, like I’m gonna throw up. Like, not all my friends, but I’d say a little more than half of them. Not that they’ve done anything wrong to me or anything like that, and I don’t hate them. If I hated them, they wouldn’t be my friend, right? So, uh. Does anyone have an idea of what’s going on? I’d appreciate it a bunch~! Oh, if this helps, I started feeling like that after I left a server with them in it for personal reasons, I guess. I want to rejoin the server but not when I still feel like this. ^^


First off, welcome to the community! We’re not here to judge you, and we’re here to help the best we can.

It is my non-professional guess that you feel nauseous because of social anxiety. You can like the people, but maybe they create a dynamic that feels unsafe, or they remind you of the dynamic that you left behind on that server. Have you tried reaching out to them by text or hanging out with them, and has that feeling persisted?

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