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@kitboga thank you + health balance

I do not even know if my post belongs here. Over 2 years ago I really went out there to pursue my dream (teaching) in a university abroad, I was self-improving, traveling, and actually having a 5-year plan. And now, since Covid I am back with my parents (not the most fulfilling situation when you are 30+ yrs old), working from home and trying to not get overwhelmed with everything. I keep myself VERY busy to distract myself from the fact that things worldwide are not going so well. Almost so busy that I start to neglect other important things, but that is another topic. That is the only thing that I can recommend to everyone (maybe you have more tips) to stay mentally stable: Find something that holds you up and don’t give it up. It is hard, I have daily setbacks and negative thoughts. But those doubts go as fast as they come. But they come back, so what to do? Thank you Kitboga for reminding us almost every day, that we need to put ourselves out there. That we matter. You do too. You said you do not like getting gifts and such, and on today’s twitch you said sth. about teachers and education that made me think. So, if you (or sb. in your family) want to learn German, you can write me (IG los_learngerman) and I can tutor you. Education is a gift, and gifts are better when you share them. I try to do that every day, and if I would find a way to balance my work/mental health a bit out, everything might be ok.
Thanks again.
Stay strong everyone!


Hey @Ann90 Thank you for posting, yes its cool that you have posted here and im pretty sure @Kitboga will get to your post and read it, it wont disappear. I am sorry that your plans and dreams had to be altered by Covid, it must have been a pretty disheartening after planning and making that move but it doesnt mean your dreams are over, as you have so beautifully put
“find something that holds you up and don’t give up”
Negative thoughts are are so hard to deal with especially when you are in a place that you are not happy, it makes those thoughts so much easier to believe.I am so glad you have listened to kit tell you how much you matter and that you know that your life will improve if you hang in there for a time when this covid situaltion has eased. I have no doubt that you will do all that you have planned and you will succeed at it. Good luck with the German.
Much Love
Lisa :heart:


Thank you for allowing us to support you as well as encourage you. I know that my five-year plan has changed so many times. One of the things that I have learned is that you find joy in the changes and grow from that new knowledge. Life can be funny as well as beautiful. I truly believe that we can either choose to reject the beauty in the new change or we can grasp onto it and become better for it.

Please remember that YOU matter & you are worth all of the things that were meant to come your way. I am proud of you. You are amazing. You are valid. You are wonderful. You are enough. Thank you for being a part of this world. Thank you for being you. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas & a Happy New Year! :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:


Thank you so much for the reply.
It is not that I am unhappy, I am working and teaching, going to (online) school and living in a loving place. But after 2 years it is like “when can we all go back to our lives”? I am 30+, single, isolating (biological clock ticking) while my apartment is 2 continents away waiting for me. I feel so stuck, and yeah…I jump into work and projects to keep me busy but slowly I think that this is all I can do…it is complicated, because I certainly know that many people have it far worse. Lots of Love!!

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Thank you so much for this beautiful words. It is a bit ironic, I felt the exact same positive energy when I moved to another continent 2 years ago, like everything will be coming into place. And now, I am in my old kids’ room. I do not want to complain, I am very productive and every day is somehow a step closer to my goals, but I do not know how long I can keep this energy up. Everthing is so uncertain (not only for me, for all of us) and yea…Have a wonderful holiday season!! Thanks again!


yes there are people that have it worse, there always are but that doesnt mean that your worries dont count, I do understand you fears, and yes theses last two years have been horrid and dreadfully unfair. In a “normal” society you should be having the time of your life right now and I truly wish you were too, I read posts and it genuinely upsets me that people are not living the lives thay should be. I just hope that next year things improve, it would be great if you could stay in touch once in a while with updates. we dont forget you. xx

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I hope the same! I do not know if this post will be up for a long. I put my IG in the main post for @Kitboga, if he wants to have some German lessons (which I know he will not, but it is the only thing I can offer, since he does such helpful things and does not accept gifts). But everyone can feel free to add me, it is a very small account and therefore still very personal. <3

Hey @Ann90,

Thank you so much for reaching out here and sharing these parts of your life with Kit’s and our community.

I hate that Covid and lockdown have pushed your life expectations somehow on hold. It is something that I feel very much too. I’ve started to be unemployed right before the lockdowns started, and since then - until very recently - I have felt like my life has been on pause. Yet time goes by, and the stress of feeling like losing too much time tends to pile up, little by little.

Like you, I tend to cope with situations that overwhelm me by putting all the energy I have in things I care about and are meaningful to me. HeartSupport, for almost 3 years now, has been the place where I’ve tried to give time and care. Being a social worker “in real life”, I have found a way to keep doing what I like and contributing, even if “real life” circumstances are difficult and limited.

As you’ve said very rightfully though, there is some kind of shadow behind that remains. Sometimes we feel it a little more, sometimes less, but overall it makes us question how long we’d be able to cope this way. Something I have humbly learned during the last few years, is that escapism - even through productivity and care - can be a double edged sword. Somehow, it creates a dynamic in which we are focused on what’s happening outside of ourselves, because we know that what’s inside is painful and uncomfortable. However, there is a balance to find between putting ourselves out there and reconnecting with how we feel, our inner life.

I would like to encourage you, in times to come, to try to create little breaks during your days, or weeks, that would be a time for you only. Time to do something for yourself. To practice self care. But even more to create a dynamic of really slowing down for a little, and being a little more connected to the present, because feeling like being on the run/focused on doing something can burn ourselves out in the long run. It is, in my opinion, a valid strategy when we feel the need to survive something we don’t know how to deal with. However, it requires us to decide, at some point, to slow down a little and take the time to breathe too. Do you have a hobby? Do you enjoy walks in nature? Are there movies or series on your watching list that you haven’t seen yet? A special meal you’d like to cook for once? You deserve to treat yourself, especially after accumulating so many efforts to not fall down during the storm. At first it can be scary, and you may feel guilty for trying to have real times of rest. But it is never a wasted time, as it is essential to give room to you, to feel what needs to be felt, and to take care of this very precious heart of yours.

I’m sending hugs your way. Thank you once again for your presence and vulnerability. :hrtlegolove:

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Thank you for your long reply. What you said really hits deep. I will think about it when I try to focus more on my mental and physical health and balance everything. It is just easier to bury ones head into work sometimes and just keep swimming. As for hobbies, yes, I have too much.^^Part of the problem. Thanks again and all the best! You guys do great work here

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