@Kitboga - Tough year, you inform and make ppl laugh

I’m an older guy, 46… I moved back in with my mother 4 years ago, became her caregiver as her health deteriorated slowly… So I was caring for her, mostly bedridden and also working full time (first at an office and then home full time when pandemic started)

She wasn’t feeling well for a couple of days… I finally sent her to he hospital… she go worse… then better… then worse… then better, they were talking about rehab therapy as she wasn’t walking at all in the hospital… talking about care when she comes home etc. And then almost overnight she took a very bad turn for the worst…

Got a call at 3am that she wasn’t doing well and they thought she wasn’t going to improve… I told the Dr to tell her that I loved her, and that I’d be okay… and 20 mins later the nurse called me that she had passed… but assured me the Dr told her what I said to. So I take comfort in the fact that she no longer has any pain, or any issues.

Christmas is a hard time for people like myself when someone is lost, whether 4 months ago like myself, or many years ago. It’s a tough time of the year in general as well, but dealing with a loss is always harder during certain times of a year.

Everyone just needs to know they aren’t alone… to carry on some traditions that you shared, but also make some new ones. You’ll be okay… you’ll be sad, but I know I will be okay…

I’m all alone now though, so have to grow, adapt and carry on with life.

It’s good to have channels like yours that blend a mix of vital information and a great humour that makes people laugh for hours every day with your videos. It is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all you do :slight_smile:


Hi @JimToronto Welcome to HeartSupport and thank you so much for your post, I am sure Kit will get to it when he can.
I am truly sorry for the loss of your Mum, I cannot imagine how heartbreaking that felt. it is something I myself fear greatly but my goodness she must have been so incredibly proud of you as her son. What a wonderful job you did taking care of her. You can rest easy in the knowledge that you could have done nothing more than you were doing to keep her safe and well during her last year.
This Christmas will indeed be the most difficult as you are still grieving the loss of your Mum and of course this is the time we all are meant to be together, but I truly believe that she is still with you, if not in a spiritual way then most definately in your heart.
You are not alone friend, you have just found another whole community of people who are hear to listen, to talk and to let you know just how much you are valued.
I am so pleased that having Kits channel has helped you and I hope that Heart support can do the same. I wish you well this Christmas, I send you love and I hope that 2022 is kind to you.
Much Love Lisa :heart:


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