KtMarine Fan #2

I feel alone all the time


Reach out.

There are resources and people who care.

You have taken the 1st brave step, take another, you deserve to find a better place.

Big hugs x

I get it. I’ve gone through months and months of feeling completely alone. Even when people surrounded me, when a friend reached out to say hi, or a parent. I just kept feeling like no one understood, no one was REALLY there. I still go through it sometimes.

The thing that helped me most was forcing myself to reach out too. Fighting through the fear of being a burden and asking friends to hang out, asking my family to have lunch or dinner, even just going out to a coffee shop and having a short conversation with the barista. Little by little you’ll feel yourself open up again. If you look for people who have the same interests through maybe facebook groups, meet-ups, twitch, discord etc. and just have little conversations that grow into greater ones, you’re going to find there are so many people out there that care, that want to talk to you.

You’re not alone, not even in your struggle of feeling like you are. Things are definitely going to get brighter. :slight_smile: