Lack of Friends

I am nearing the end of my second year and college and I have this issue which is affecting me more than I thought it would, I do not have a proper support system or in other words, genuine friendships. At first this didn’t bother me all that much but now that time has passed it is beginning to take a toll on my thoughts. It saddens me when I see others and even old peers having a time of their lives with their friend groups, sharing laughs, giving each other hugs all of the time. I don’t seem to take an interest in others as I am different from the usual guys here in terms of interests and personality type. I am currently doing something which I enjoy which is powerlifting, but even while doing that, I never get to hang out with anyone, and I figured I would have at least a couple of people to have genuine connections with by now. Any tips would be appreciated.

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This hits hard with me. Loneliness is a really hard and confusing thing to deal with. But be patient friend; don’t get stuck on what other people’s lives look like with their friends, just be grateful for whatever friendships you have now, and be patient. Because those deep connections are on the way. On that note, everybody here would love to be your friend. Come join the discord, we’d love to get to know you and talk with you more.

Hang in there friend,



That’s tough of being a loner in college. Especially when everyone has their own schedule. It gets tougher after college. I haven’t seen my real life friends in awhile. They all are busy with schoolwork, jobs, etc. I encourage you to talk to one of your friends of how you are feeling, and you want to spend time with them. We are meant to have relationships with others. I hope you will feel better. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

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Hi, I know how it is feeling invisible, even thought you are a bit different. But you don’t always want to be completely excluded. Even if it was just one person who saw you, you’d feel alright. But at times when I would feel like an outcast, I was so dumb to give in to being accepted I gave into peer pressure. Which was drugs. I know it’s hard to get though this without anyone but know that there are people here who are willing to talk with you if you need it.

I’m here,

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