Landlord passed away. No idea how I'm gonna move

Hello, so my Landlord passed away a few weeks ago and I have to leave in 60 days or less. I have no savings and no help at all. My job doesn’t pay enough to be able to save money. I’ve been trying to find better paying work but I can’t handle stress at all. My current job is stressfree but doesn’t pay enough.

Just looking for some advice and or support. Thanks


Sorry you’re in such a bind. My family lost homes several times, but we managed to find shelter anyway. There are ads in Craigslist for house/apartment sharing, and rooms for rent.

Here’s a thought too:

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Hey @dimleaffall,

This is indeed a stressful situation and I’m so very thankful that you’ve decided to reach out a couple of days ago.

How are you doing since you’ve posted here? Have you got any new leads/possibilities regarding this situation? Also, could you eventually share the country you live in? We are a community made of people from a bit everywhere here, so I’m sure it would help to potentially provide advice and guidance if you share a little more information (not too much, anonymity is fully respected here). There might be different directions to take and help possible based on where you live.

I’m thinking of you and sending friendly thoughts your way. :hrtlegolove:


I got a job back at my old work. It pays a little more than my current job and more hours. I looked at a place and asked my dad for a loan. He reluctantly agreed. No idea if it’ll actually happen. So that’s where I’m at right now.


Hello there,

I am so sorry that life is so rough for you right now. That would be a lot for anyone to process. I know in my area of the world there is housing that is based on your income. Could that be an option for you? Then, you could find something that works in the future or if you liked where you were…you could just adjust rent later on.

I hope everything improves for you soon. Thank you for letting people support & encourage you on The Wall.

You are important. You are valid. You are strong. You are enough. You matter.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:


Hey @dimleaffall Thank you for your post and welcome to Heartsupport. That must have been truly frightening to have had that 60 day window, obviously its no ones fault when someone dies but its still a scarey prospect to have to cope with.
I am very pleased your dad has stepped up to help you out with a loan, that must have quelled your anxiety a lot and now you can go and find a new place which of course is still stressfull but try to relax into that, once you know you have the finance a few weeks to find a place isnt too bad if you dont panic. You many even find its a wonderful new start for you.
Congratulations on getting your old job back too, hopefully now all will fall into place and life will settle down for you.
Best of Luck.
Lisalovesfeathers. x


From: twixremix

hey friend!

first off, i want to welcome you into the heartsupport community! thank you for joining the forum and for feeling comfortable to share what you’re going through. it’s understandable how stressful this situation is for you. to have to leave your home in less than 60 days is a lot for one person to handle, especially when the hard work you do doesn’t give you enough to help ease this transition. i’m thankful you are in a job that isn’t stressful though, would asking for more shifts/hours or a pay raise be a valid request to management? i know it’s easier said than done and asking for a well-deserved raise is incredibly scary but i’d rather you face that quick discomfort rather than financially struggle for months. i’d love to help brainstorm different career paths with you on what your skillsets and interests are so you don’t have to find a job that causes more stress to you!

i am sending you so much strength and love as you find the best option suited to your mental, physical, and financial needs. your heartsupport community has your back!



From: Rohini_868

hi there dimleaffall,

Losing your home is one of the scariest fears I think, and I’m so sorry that you’re in this position. I’m hoping you get that loan so that you can be in a more stable position a bit quicker, but I also hope that the loan isn’t a source of stress for you.

I want to say how impressed I am that you’re powering through this scary time. You’re being brave even as you’re feeling some worries, and I just want to say that I see the strength it takes to do that. Here’s hoping that the job makes it easier to get your feet back under you.

I know Wings mentioned some ideas, I’d just like to add that there may be emergency shelters and housing available to you, which might be minimalist and not too private, but you would be someone safe until things fall into place. Thanks for being here, and sharing this update with us too.


From: your pal, Rick

Hey @dimleaffall, I’m really glad you came here to share this. <3

I can definitely understand how stressful a time like this would be, losing your home suddenly is no joke. Especially at first, it can feel like a nightmare! It sounds like you’ve already made some progress in finding practical solutions, with the extra work and possible loan. I’m really glad about that, has it helped with the stress somewhat? We’ll be here to listen if you want to talk more about how you’re feeling and how things are progressing. Do you feel like you’ve got it covered now? If you’d like, we can talk about other possible solutions and supports available in your region.

Lots of love, friend! You’ve got this.


Thank you all for the kinds words of support. This website and forum is so amazing and really helps me to know that there are folks who truly care. I’ll keep posting updates as they come. :heart:


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