Last two days have been hard again

Hopelessness, pain, confusion, mentally unstable (DPDR) and negative thoughts this is all shit happening in my life. I want to go somewhere and scream everything that’s inside me and at the same time I want to be with my family so that if anything bad happens they are around me. From last few days I am in contact with one of my exes and I told her about my issues she’s trying to help what ever is in her capacity . Sometimes I feel like I may be suffering from kind of chronic disease that’s why I have pain around my chest or is it just my assumption I don’t know. Maybe a new dawn or an ending…


Hi Junaid
You are really going through it aren’t you? Has talking to your parents been helpful at all? have you been able to talk to them in any more depth about how you are feeling? I understand the need to scream everything out but to be honest talking or even writing it down is just as effective it just doesn’t feel that way when you think about it, when you do it, it does work. I write a lot of things down that I need to get out, then I either save it to read when I feel I can or throw it straight away but at least that negativity is out.
I am pleased you have contact with someone who is trying to help and support you, that’s really nice, that makes such a difference.
I would imagine that the pain around your chest is more than likely tension due to anxiety however chest pain is not something to be ignored and is easily checked and could put your mind at rest so if you are concerned don’t ignore it and don’t sit and worry about it because it could be tension caused by worry.
I also wonder if some therapy would be good for you to discuss how you are feeling, it could go a long way to making you feel a lot better about yourself and your life.
I truly wish you well Junaid and hope you find some peace and happiness because I think you truly deserve it.
Much Love


Dear @Junaid,

Painful endings can be an open door to new beginning, as long as it’s not the ending of you. The person you are right now, the struggles you are facing, the pain you feel - they are meant to change. Not suddenly of course. And not magically. But thanks to your own strength, resilience and willingness to keep trying.

Reaching out to people who can support you is a good thing to do, especially when we’re likely to be tempted to hide ourselves. Well done for not staying alone with your thoughts, friend.

The pain you feel could be the manifestation of many things, and even just the reflection of your emotional pain. When I feel pretty depressed and anxious, my body tends to react in weird ways. It’s kinf od a warning sign that things are bottling up inside of me and I need to express myself through healthy means. You’ve mentioned the need to scream… Well, if you are scared that it would bring you too far, make sure to have a safety net first: a phone next to you and someone to call, something to punch in like a pillow, or something to calm down and rest such as a calm and soothing music or video. But then: allow yourself to scream if that’s what you need. Really. Let it out, as long as you don’t turn it against yourself. If you’re scared that someone would hear you: scream in a blanket or a pillow. If that’s what it takes to just disclose this energy growing inside of you, then so be it! Sometimes we can’t think about words and just need to let a primal something - anger, guilt, stress, whatever - out. That’s okay.

You matter. You’re not alone. :hrtlegolove:


this community has been amazing, every one here has been supportive without judging. I do believe that this will be over soon.


@Lisalovesfeathers I know these things shouldn’t be ignored. I have appointment with doc on Sunday . I am hoping that I will get better soon.
Thanks @Lisalovesfeathers


That Great, I am sure all will be ok though but best to check isnt it, for peace of mind if nothing else.
Good luck. x

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