Last Warped Tour

I have been on here before. But, not in a long time. Same username. So hi if you remember me or if I’ve help you in the past! I joined heart support to help others. Never for myself. As it was founded after my story. I was at Warped Tour Milwaukee last night. And it was, as everyone knows, the last time it will ever occur there. This being the last year ever. We closed the night with Simple Plan. It was so emotional for me. As we sang Perfect, Welcome to my life and various other songs. I was rocketed back to when I wasn’t ok. Emotionally unstable and in the basement of my mother’s house. Being 14-18 again and just listening to these songs on repeat. And I started to cry and have a slight break down. As I was able to look around. And I didn’t feel alone. I felt as if we were all there. Everyone of us. And it was so warming to just remember that there is so many of us who went through the same things. Listened to the same music. And now have come out the other side. Like everyone will soon. It does get better eventually.


Thank you for sharing, @Enkou666. I’m glad to hear that you are in a better headspace than you were back then. Sending hugs and wishes for continued strength!

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Welcome back @Enkou666! It’s definitely sad that this year is Warped’s last year (side note: does anyone know why?). Nostalgia can be a beautiful thing, but saturate yourself too much in it or you’ll either regret or long for the past. Keep focused on the future and keep rocking on!

@Eric well Kevin has come out and said that it is declining and dying. Which by ticket sales and interest it is. Also Kevin is tired. He managed lalpolooza for about three years prior to making warped tour. And been doing warped tour ever since. He hasn’t had a summer off and wants one.

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I was at warped tour in Chicago, that was an emotional day for me and I stopped by the heart support tent which helped me out a lot. At the end was Simple Plan (I love them so much!!) That was also extremely emotional for me as well so I totally get that! Just always remember to try to keep your head up no matter what. Things will get better!

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I think with the Warped Tour ending it was emotional and nostalgic for many people. Despite that it felt great to connect to people and to just embrace the moment. Simple Plan ended the night and it felt amazing with everyone singing and feeling the music. I thank you for sharing your story and remember things do get better.