Last week was the worst

Hi everyone.

As the title suggests, i am in a very bad place right now, a dark place filled with self loathing.
I was under immense pressure trying to meet a tight deadline and my internet signal was just awful, i decided to insert a data sim in the work laptop and it got stuck, i then took the laptop to IT and they informed me that the sim module is damaged and needs to be replaced, they will check if its under warranty, if not i will have to pay out of pocket. I have student debt and i am just breaking even with my bills. I dont know how i am going to manage, also the only reason i am working is just to pay my bills, as i have stated in the previous post i hate my job! Management is extremely toxic. Because of the incident, my supervisor has become even more of a pest. I feel so dumb for making such a mistake, i feel like an idiot, plus it also portrays that i am negligent and irresponsible. Fml


I’m so sorry, that’s really awful and in no way was it your fault. You weren’t to know that was going to happen and it could have been anyone.
If it’s a work laptop they really should have it covered for any damages, that almost feel negligent of them to turn around and say that you’d have to pay for it. It’s not like you went on a purposeful rampage to destroy it, and if anyone else had have tried to insert something and it got stuck because the module is damaged how would that be your fault?
Your supervisor should not be making you feel more stressed over an accident.

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that’s really tough, I’m really sorry things have been piling up on you. It seems like there should be insurance to cover it if it’s a work laptop. I hope that you’re able to talk to someone and they can resolve it. Everyone has accidents and it doesn’t mean you’re dumb or have done anything wrong. I hope this week gets better for you.


Hello there,

I am sorry you are struggling with all of this right now. I can understand this feeling. Give yourself some grace. Be kind to yourself. Take time to breath. Take it one day at a time. I know that it is easier said than done, but I believe that it can be helpful. You got this, friend!

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hey friend,

the situation you’re in is always so heartbreaking when it feels like all these bills and debts are weighing you down. and on top of that, you were under a tight deadline - such a stressful place to be in with tech issues! totally agree with bimini that you had no ill intent on damaging the laptop, you were doing what you needed to do to meet their hard deadline. trust me, i’ve been in your shoes and understand the strung out mindset you were in with all that. i truly hope your IT person can fix the sim module.

i wish there was some comfort i could offer about the financial stress, my friend… money is such a pain point for so many right now and wish it was easier to resolve. i hope your budgeting and finances work out in the end to ease your stress about making payments. wishing you all the best and will keep you in my thoughts.


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Hello Friend, I’m sorry that your management is being toxic about this, I’m wondering if you’ve talked to your Human Resources about this? Maybe they can help you get this taken care of. ~Mystrose


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Hey there! I’m sorry for the stresses you are going through especially right at the end of the year.

Are you sure that you would have to pay for the damage just because one person is claiming you would have to? Usually work items are covered under the business’s insurance and I would assume then be the business’s responsibility especially when you did not damage it through negligence or anything of the sort. It sounds like you used a feature on the laptop for its intended purpose and something went wrong. It happens. I would not take the word of the IT person. I would review company policies you have access to and talk to HR about it if it comes to that. Also does the laptop need a working SIM module to actually function? If it isn’t necessary then why fix it at all if it isn’t covered. Just some things I thought about that may help you in this situation.

I don’t think you were negligent of irresponsible and you were simply trying to get your work done the best way you could. You’ve got this! :hrtlegolove:


From: Mamadien

I’m so sorry that things with work in such a frustrating and uncomfortable place. Is there a way you can check to see if your employer can actually ask you to pay for a repair to their computer? It sounds like you were truly attempting to do your job to the best of your ability. Please be kind to yourself as you navigate through this situation. You are not dumb, nor an idiot. You are someone who is doing their best in a stressful situation. Keep us posted on how you make out with this. I wish you well.


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Hi Friend, I am so sorry you are feeling so bad. I would love to start by saying that what happend was an accident, every single person on the planet has accidents at some point and its annoying but it certainly does not make you an awful person. I am hoping that there should be coverage by your company for any accident that happends. Its very hard when you are struggling with money I know that too, it can keep you awake at night and cause all sorts of anxiety, These time are also hard i appriciate that so please do not stop reaching out, we have your back, also in the new year try looking out for new places to work as new opportunities arise at the start of the year but hang on to your job until you have another. I truly wish you well friend. Im sorry its such a struggle. We are here for you always x


Hi everyone.

Thank you so much for the comforting messages.
I am trying to take things easy at work.
I feel that they are really blowing things out of proportion though, the senior manager called me in and told me that he spoke to IT and they said that there are many issues with my laptop not just the sim module, his tone implied that i am irresponsible with work property, i then emailed IT and asked them to specify whats really wrong, IT replied and stated that diagnostics were run and everything is fine with the laptop its just the sim module thats damaged and he had logged a call with dell to get that replaced. I then forwarded the mail to the senior manager, he of course didnt respond. I am willing to pay for it if its not covered by the warranty i would just like to put an end to this dilemma. This environment is too toxic, i genuinely feel like they enjoy stirring up feelings of anxiety and fear. I am currently applying for jobs to get out of her asap.

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out here and for the update. That sounds like such a frusterating and stressful situation, and I’m sorry that you’re stuck going through it! Stuff happens with computers, and it sounds like this isn’t even “your fault” (and even if it is, that’s one of those things that can happen to anyone; electronics can be fragile).

I’m glad that you are trying to take it easy; while this stinks, this still isn’t the end of the world and it’s a good idea to take a breath. It’s also good to hear that you’re applying to jobs that will be better for you; it’s important to be in supportive environments!

Thank you again for sharing with us and for the update. If you have future updates or more is on your mind, please don’t hesitate to post. You’re a great employee and we’re here for you!

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Hey, I get that things like this can be very stressful, Remember that this is not the end. And also i love the way you are finding a new job to get out of such a stressful work environment. Work Environments are not always like this. I love how brave you are for reaching out for support! You are doing your best and thats all that is required from you.

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