Late to a work training this morning, but thankful

Hi guys,

There isn’t necessarily something wrong, but I wanted to share about how I was late to my work training meeting this morning. Life got in the way, but I was able to make it, albeit a half hour late. I was so disappointed in myself and could just feel the anxiety ramping up. It was just humiliating and didn’t attest to my work ethic, so I got mad at myself. Still though, I continued to participate in the meeting and everyone, including my supervisor, was really kind. At the end, my supervisor even spent a few minutes with me to catch me up and to send me a video copy of our meeting, which was so nice of him.

I guess I just wanted to express how thankful I am for such an understanding team and boss, and I’m just really grateful that I’ve made progress in the anxiety/panic attack realm, as I am not beating myself up like I would have in the past. It just feels like a real improvement in how I cope with mental stresses and I’m very thankful for a team that helped to make it happen as well. For once, I’m not basing my worth as a human being and person based on performance, and it’s a true weight off my shoulders.

Thanks for reading guys!
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You’re welcome.

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Hey @Alex,

Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life. Good news, gratitudes and daily sunshines are always awesome to share!

I’m really glad to hear about your workplace. It can be so hard to find a work that provides a safe environment these days. It’s also awesome to see how you managed to handle this anxiety, but also how you process it afterwards. Being gentle with yourself can makes things a lot more easier. :hrtlegolove:

For once, I’m not basing my worth as a human being and person based on performance, and it’s a true weight off my shoulders.

That’s so important. Your worth is not based on your performance, indeed. And also, sometimes it feels like mental health and performance are opposed, or at least we view them as opposed. For what it’s worth, I believe that our mental health is actually a necessity and not something that truly interferes with work or performance in general. It’s like a fuel. And aiming our goals without it would just be a way to sabotage ourselves. But it’s hard to navigate in this world and keep that in mind all the time.

So again, really really glad you found this place! They sound to be understanding. It’s going to be precious to progress at your own pace, yet in a way that keeps being positivey challenging! :wink:

Keep doing great! You got this.


Thank you so much for your encouragement, it honestly means so, so much. I really appreciate it!! :purple_heart:


I was actually an hour late to work the other day, too! I had an appointment, and I couldn’t leave until the results came back. I was so embarrassed but my supervisor was luckily understanding and helped talk me down from being upset with myself, even though my being late meant that she couldn’t leave until I got there.
I’m glad that you’ve progressed in how you handle situations like this. Take care!


Hey @TheMouseThatRoared,

Thanks so much for your encouragement and sharing that story with me! It really made me smile and feel like I’m not alone. Also, I’m so glad you have a supervisor who is empathic and kind!

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