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Latest update on the relapse

Hi everyone! I have now received a sponsor who will help me get through the recovery process. It will not be easy, but I am already a day and night sober free. It will take a while. It will be a long road to recovery. But never again will I touch any type of prescribed drug that is mine or any type of over the counter drug because if I do that then I will have the urge to down them all and with that result harmful consequences can happen to where I may get seriously hurt or even die. So it’s not worth it in overdosing on pills like that because it’s a regretful choice that I can never take back once I make it. I cannot take back what I already did from the two relapses, but I can avoid the future choices that I make. I resent what I did, but I am thankful that I am alive each and every day from those two relapses that had happened. I hope it never happens again and that I can help others who are struggling with addiction.


I’m so glad to hear about your progress. I’m pullin’ for ya! Congratulations on your self-liberation.

That’s really wonderful @Anonymous2020. I’m so glad to hear about your sponsor and your perspective right now is really inspiring. You got this friend. We believe in you. :hrtlegolove:

Thanks, I hope it all works out for me.

Thanks. I hope this all works out and it helps me out with the recovery process

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