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I am starting from scratch.
I relapsed yesterday, but I am staying away from any type of drug now. I know that if I see any type of drug- Advil, Tylenol, or prescription drug I’ll go for it. I cannot have that. I have to be on the mend and… Heal. I hope to be alright. My friend is mad at me again for me telling him I relapsed so I just have to leave him alone. He thought I hurt myself as in he thought I cut myself again… but I told him I relapsed. He told me to not do any of that anymore. It’s a start for me all over again, so I hope to be alright.



It takes time to get better.

I hope I can get better and recover from all of this

I’m very sure you will, but know it takes time and patience and self care to achieve it. I’m rooting for you as well as many others on here!!

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Thanks. It’ll take a while to recover from the two relapses that happened, but my sponsor will help me get through this all. I just hope I can get through this struggle and that with time and success that I can not have any more relapses and that I don’t go through anymore withdraws if I end up seeing any drugs out in the open. I am struggling more than ever. I just want to go and grab any type of pill I can get my hands on and down them all but I have to restrain myself and tell myself that it’s not worth it because if that happens then I could seriously get hurt or… die. So it’s really hard for me so far already.

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