Left Out, Should Stop Responding

I’m in a discord server with lots of people, they have vent/rant channels. Whenever someone vents, I do my best to respond and help them, but when I vent or share vent art, all I get is silence until I delete my vent. Everyone seems to ignore my vents but responds to other people’s vents and it makes me feel left out and like I shouldn’t even respond to their vents. I know this sounds selfish but all I ask for from them when I vent is support. I want to ask for help at times, but I’m too scared to… Idk why though…


We really really care about you! We care about your problems and want to help you!!
It is not selfish to seek support, it is not selfish at all. I would respond if I was on discord but I;m not :frowning:
You can ask for support here and people will definitely respond.


Hey @alexgamer_hameowlton

Thank you for being here and sharing this with us. It sounds like the dynamics in the discord you’re a part of are pretty one sided. You’re always willing to support and respond to others but as soon as you open up you are met with silence. That must be so disheartening and frustrating. I can understand why you have some fear about asking for help because no one wants to be vulnerable and then be ignored. I am sorry that has been your experience especially when reaching out and asking for help and support is so hard to begin with! So thank you again for having the courage to reach out here! We are always happy to listen and support as best we can. You are heard and you are seen here my friend. This is a safe place to ask for support and help.

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes


Hey Alex,

You’re not selfish at all. :heart: You just want to be heard and feel supported. We all need that sometimes, and that’s totally fine. I’m sorry you didn’t receive the responses you expected though. It’s hard enough to reach out sometimes and feeling like others don’t see us can be discouraging. But you did the right thing every time you reached out. That’s something you can be proud of. And if deleting those messages helped you to feel safe, it’s okay too.

If you want to discuss or just get things off your chest, you know you’re always welcome to do it here as well. We care about you, always. :hrtlegolove:

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