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Let's come together!


Hello all, since a lot of people come here to help one another or receive help themselves, I was wondering if anyone would be up to coming together to play games, talk about music, ETC in a discord? I’ve had this idea of getting a bunch of online people together for a podcast or livestream together and talk about music and / or play games together. I have both PS4 and PC. I’ve always been wanting to make podcasts or videos with people just talking about new music, but it’s hard since I like a wide variety of music, but mostly metal and a lot of EDM. I just thought it would be a good idea to kind of throw this out there for anyone who is looking for other people to play games with and just lift one another up and spread happy vibes and positivity through a hobby I have that I share with a lot of people within the world: video games. If you’d like to play games together on PS4( Gamertag: XxNinjaDeltaxX ), I’m mainly grinding BO4 right now, but also have red dead 2. I don’t expect much from this post if i’m being honest, maybe even taken down due to advertisement, but I don’t mean to solicit, but just provide something on a different platform to bring this beautiful community together :smile:

PS: Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas + NY for those who celebrate! Happy Holidays for those who celebrate others!


I would love to talk about bands with someone. And I also am a gamer however I am trying to distance myself from games for some time because I am fighting against the possibility of my marriage ending in separation. I loved games more than my wife and now that I stand the risk of losing her I can’t even bring myself to play one even stupid simple phone games. But I try to stay positive and focus on what I can control and music has always helped me. I am a metal head through and through. I am constantly listening to Beartooth and wage war in these recent days.


Hey man no worries about the no games for awhile. Do what you have to to make your relationship right with your wife. Of course everyone needs to learn a healthy balance between a social life and gaming life; which even still I’m learning to work with. Just hit me up on discord through the server link I posted or on PSN to chat or game when you get everything settled man! Hold your head up :metal:t2:


There is a Heart Support Discord already if you’d like to join I can get the link. It’s ok if you would like to do this too- just wanted to let you know.