Lets Skip December

SO this month, like every year in this awful month… I have dealt with bad luck.
All in one week I have lost my grandmother, a close family family also died. I ended up slicing my foot open, got threatened and had to call the cops. And on top of that Im getting treated like shit by a co worker. All in a week. Just one week.

I mean, I cam complete fake that im okay. You know hold it together cause you have to be strong bullshit. But Holy hell one week. Now im just ranting…

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Hope things get better for you.

I’m really sorry you’ve had to deal with so much difficult stuff in just a week. You don’t always have to be strong. From weakness comes healing and growth. That goes for physical, mental, and spiritual weakness. There’s something special about realizing that you’re not okay and taking the necessary time to get better. It’s totally okay to not be okay, and you can take however long you need to grieve and to find a way to deal with your foot and your coworker.

Everything might be all out of place right now but that will change. Just try to find some peace in where you’re at right now, even if it’s just a little thing that gives you hope – a friend, a dog, good news of some sort… It’s okay to struggle, and you are not alone. We’re always here with you, so never be afraid to reach out. Love and peace <3