Letter to my ex

I just wanna say i’m sorry for everything that i put you through i was so stupid and selfish and didn’t really acknoldge how you felt. But i want you to know that i didn’t even put you through anything compared to what u put me through like:

  • Making me feel like i didn’t deserve you
  • Making me feel like i wasn’t good enough
  • Like i wasn’t pretty enough
  • My body wasn’t good enough
  • Like i didn’t eat right
  • Like i was just a big problem
  • Like my self harm was just a joke to you
  • You never took me seriously
  • I hated the jokes you made about other girls
  • I hated how you always said u wanted to break up
  • I hated how you didn’t care about me
  • I hate how it took you 2 years to realize you cared about me
  • I hate how you will never change
  • You always talked to other girls and not me
  • You always would rather be with your friends
  • Your friends opinion was more important than mine
  • You just didn’t have time for me
  • You didn’t like me being around you
  • You didn’t let me be myself
  • You always criticizes me even if it was a joke
  • You were sensitive even though u thought i was
  • You got mad at me talking to guy friends when you would always talk to ur ex’s
  • I hate how i was always scared you were gonna break up with me
  • I hate how i never knew how much you cared or if you did at all
  • I hate how you made me feel
  • I hate how you would never come through for me when i invited you to things
  • I hate how you let your friends talk shit
  • I hate how you always kept secrets
  • I hate how you never shared your personal life
  • I hate how after being with you for 2 years i knew nothing about you
  • I hate how you always talk shit then backdown
  • I hate how i loved you so much
  • I hate how i cared about you more than myself
  • I hate how you said i never had time to help you cuz you were helping me
  • I hate how when i would ask what’s wrong you would push me away or call me annoying
  • I hate how u didn’t trust me you trusted your friends more
  • I hate how you never made me feel safe
  • I hate how i didn’t break up with you sooner
  • I hate how i feel like i wasted my time cuz look at this list
  • But most of all i hate how you never tried in our relationship i texted you everyday on my sisters phone i responded as fast as i could i always invited you to things i always always tried to talk to you and get out with you but you never responded to my texts and you never pulled through for me

These are all amazing realizations, Sandia.

Breakups are never easy and I can relate to your regrets about spending so much time in that relationship. Those feelings may or may not go away, but you have learned such important things about your self worth, I’m so proud of you.

I hope that now that these feelings are put outside of yourself that you can begin to heal and find happiness. :sparkling_heart:

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Thank you i never realized how bad the realtionship as until it ended

Yes i have learned alot and thank you i have only be told that about once in my lifetime so thank you

I do too thanks for your support


Any time, friend. I’m happy to help.

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That’s a long list!
I am glad that you are moving on for good.


me too
i just never realized how much was wrong in our relationship

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Coming to write down this list is incredibly powerful, @Sandia. This is indeed a very long list with awful things that I wish you didn’t experience. But through all of this, you manage to write this and acknowledge how the situation with your ex was wrong.

I hope sharing this helps. Hope you’re feeling okay, as inner reflection can be painful sometimes.

I also hope for you to find some peace in your heart. You deserve to be with someone who love you unconditionnally. Who value and cherish the unique soul that is yours. You have all the right to be yourself, to feel loved and cared for. You’re beautiful as you are.

Sending love your way. :heart: