Letting go of dreams

How do you move on from the things you’ve always wanted but can’t have? I’m not talking about the yacht sitting in the Monaco harbor. I’m out of time to make certain things happen in my life, and it’s destroying me inside.

Im 28, ive let go of alot of things in life that were great dreams. I am thankful for wasted time though because it has brought to a point in my life were ive found my purpose. That purpose is to eventually help the hurt the broken and bruised.

So just when you think all is lost. Keep moving keep asking and youll see that purpose, your true dream

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I’m not sure I subscribe to the belief that we run out of time for things. I get that we may not make the cut off for a job or maybe we miss a deadline or meeting or something. I know it all seems very VERY important in that moment and if we miss it then we feel like we have absolutely failed. But in my experience, if it something that you really want and that you want to chase after with all of your heart and soul then opportunities will continue to present themselves.

I’m not sure what exactly it is that you’re referring to, but I don’t think you have missed out on it. i think more opportunities will come.

Keep your chin up,
Hannah Presley

Hey Rix,

This is honestly something I’m struggling with so much right now, maybe in a different sense as mine involves a relationship. But first I just want you to know that you are not alone, and you are so loved my friend. You matter, your story matters, and I am here for you!

Everyone always says never give up on your dreams, but I feel like that’s a scary tactic to stand behind. There comes a point when if our dreams aren’t realistic we have to put them on the back burner, or let them go. And it sucks to hear, but I want you to know it’s okay.

If you think that it’s best for you to let that dream go, please don’t feel like a failure! Don’t blame yourself, don’t beat yourself up for it. I don’t know if you’re a believer, but it may be that God has better plans for you. But it might even mean that you’re setting the dream aside for now and you’ll come back to it later.

Please don’t beat yourself up my friend, please know that we are here for you and we love you! You are loved, and your life matters! Never give up!

Hold Fast, You’re Worth It,


a lot of it is more personal that I would like to share, but I’ll try to give an example. I have a family history of high risk pregnancy. I’m pushing 30, and after 32 is basically a deal breaker. My life could be at risk, and with the new laws popping up, my life isn’t valued anymore. Coupled with my already complicated medical history, I might never be able to hold a child, mine or otherwise.

And then there’s all those pesky details leading up to ideals. There’s all these thing I’m not going to be able to have or do. There’s surgeries I have to plan my life around, and medical bills on top of dreams don’t really mix. It’s super hard coping. And sometimes I wonder why I bother carrying on.