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Letting go

I can’t get over this girl I’ve dated she was honestly the best gf I had and the only reason we broke up is because of my mental health. I want to get her back and ik I probably can’t but I need to let her go and I don’t know how. It hurts so much knowing that I picked up the only honest and true relationship I’ve ever had. Any advice?


Hey @lost

Honestly your mental health is more important than dating right now because the phrase “hurt people, hurt people” can be true in relationships. The longer you know someone the deeper you get with them emotionally so right now you are unwinding your emotions for her. If you two are still friends then she will understand the reason why you two seperated… no matter how much times goes on she will seem like the honest and true relationship. Someone else will come into your life that finds you awesome.


Hi !
I agree with @blacklink13x, your mental health come first, now and always, so at the moment the best you can do is to find resources that can help you with your mental health and then when are better, maybe you can try to talk to her and to try to make things right or maybe in the process you find someone, who knows.

But firstly is you to be okay and after that everything start to coming.

And it really hurt to let someone go, is normal, when you have care or love someone is really hurtful to let go, but think that if that relationship is meant to happen, it will happen in the future. So even that it isnt easy, for now try to think about you.

Take care !

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Taking care of yourself should be your first priority. I know it hurts now but I truly believe that if she I meant to be in your life she will be . I know the phrase you need to love yourself first is used a lot … but for good reason because it’s true. Give yourself grace and learn to love yourself first . I think once you get there you’ll either find someone else you never could of imagined existed or if you’re meant to be with your ex you’ll be in a better space to make it work. Remember you are priority. So work on you and watch yourself grow in ways you never thought you could . We are all doing our best . I’m here if you want to chat about anything. All my love T :hugs:

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