Lies we say - and how logic shows they are lies

  • I’m okay /things are fine - Then I should be able to point out happy or peaceful moments, I should generally have a couple moments in the day that show healthy relationships with others (hanging out, phone calls, playing games), healthy relationship with self (eating, hygiene, rest and relaxation, etc). If they are fine, I should let others know I need help or support.

  • no-one can or will love me - There are billions of people on this Earth. It is pretty cocky of me to think that I have united the world by being the single entity they all universally hate. Maybe I need to meet new people or have a new look at those around me. Maybe I am having a difficult time RECEIVING the love others have for me.

  • i’m the worst - same answer as above. Billions of people, with new ones born every moment. Pretty over-blown if I think that I am worst that EVERYONE else combined. This sort of thinking makes me both superior to everyone else and yet inferior to a billion people. Certainly that makes no sense, as there are new ones born every moment so statistically speaking, it’s a minute possibility that is reduced with every passing second.

  • things can’t get any better so there’s no use trying - this type of thinking can sabotage the efforts. Things won’t change with a half-way attempt. I must give my all, for a period of time before I can say it is a failure. Usually this requires new skills, training, mental tools, so my toolbox needs to be updated/changed for me to put in the greatest effort.

  • people don’t like me - all the billions of people? Again, maybe I’m around toxic family or friends, maybe they too need to communicate properly. Maybe the reason is because I actually do treat terribly and it is my duty to identify and correct that, rather than blame them, or just runaway from my responsibilities to my relationships.

  • no-one has ever experienced this pain before, no-one can understand it/me - pain and suffering are real to me, as it is to everyone else. No one may have to go through this exact combination, but that doesn’t make my experience any more unique than theirs. What I really mean is that “I” have never experienced this sort of emotional pain/ distress/ other emotion, and I’m having a hard time dealing with, and processing it. Others can help, get professional help if needed, they have studied and dealt with carious variation of these circumstances.

  • i can’t think of an alternative so there must be none - Our brain when it’s stressed/overwhelmed/etc blocks/hampers/hinder the ease with which we can formulate and consider different solution, and outcomes. Literally, I may not be able to see the forest from the trees i nthe dark, and need someone to help shed light and change my perspective.

  • this pain will never stop - our bodies are literally changing with every second, breaking down and rebuilding. when everything in this universe changes, why is my pain so special and RARE that it is the only thing that defies our physical reality? This means I’m hurting a lot right now, and I need to remember: Because it hurts so much now, doesn’t mean this is permanent. It means I have to feel this now, and then start the work to learn to cope with/overcome/learn from this pain. Pain is not my truest self, it is a reaction/consequence, it’s a state I can flow into and also more importantly, OUT of as well.

  • my life is great, i’m a horrible person for feeling sad/depressed/bored/wanting to escape - If I am having these feelings, then something is not perfect. And I deserve to say so, deserve to let myself get help and support to make life a bit easier/more functional.

  • i was mean/horrible/violent towards someone, it makes me think i shouldn’t be here - This sounds like regret and shame, which are powerful powerful negative emotions. I have to learn my lesson from it. Constantly punishing myself by thinking I deserve hate and pain and nothing else will not lead me to live a better life for myself or to be a positive influence/presence to others. Taking responsibility for what I’ve done, by being honest with myself, and by making amends where I can, and then learning how to best prevent this from ever happening again, is key.

  • i hate/dislike/loathe/am disgusted by a close relation and i hate myself for feeling this way - we don’t always like those we love. I should not act on a temporary state of emotions when there is a much larger state of affection and commitment. I have to communicate how I feel, to keep the issues small and manageable, it is also possible that I am over-reacting, I misunderstood, or I’m trying to self-sabotage because things have been too peaceful and good.

  • i’m too broken to be worth repairing - False, people aren’t broken. We’re living creatures, learning growing. Our value and worth are not diminished by layers of grease or by chips and cuts. We deserve to be safe, cared for, happy, peaceful. Loving oneself is the surest way to find and be secure in our own value.

  • life is pointless - That there are billions of people bustling around, finding moments of joy, means that I am the one who could use a perspective change. Sure, I can read some more philosophy or religion that explore the idea of purpose and creation, or I can use this as an indication that I need to focus on what’s going in my head.

  • no-one cares/no one would miss me - other than the people in my offline life, there are a whole bunch of folks here who are willing to listen, able to empathize based on their own experiences, and I guarantee you, you will be missed because we each have something unique and amazing to offer to this world.


This is very, very good, I love this. I printed it out, I hope that was ok.

I’d also like to share this video cuz it will add to this. I got so much out of this, thanks!

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that is the best reaction the post could get!!

Best to see written words to help remind us :smiley:

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