Life advice needed please!

I have a problem with trusting people. I get along with the group of people at work but when I ain’t around them I allways think they are talking about me like they do everyone else. I haven’t had the best friends around me I life could be the reason I’m allways on guard. I’ve been lied to talked shit on and back stabbed more times than I can remember. Iduno how to just feel normal and not worry about what people say or think. I can’t prove that they talk about me I just assume they are. I get along with all of
Them but I just feel this way. I also have this problem we’re I feel everyone is better than me. Any advice?


Fuck em. Who are they to judge you? Your coworkers are just a bunch of people you’re stuck with shift to shift. They’re not your family, they’re not your friends, and most importantly, they’re not you. If they talk shit about you, that’s on them. They don’t know your story, and they’re not perfect either. You can’t control what they say, but you also don’t have to be affected by conversations you never even hear.

The real important question is what do YOU say about you? That can be a hard and scary one to answer, but unlike your coworkers, it’s something you can control. I can’t say how I did it, but somewhere along the way I quit worrying about what people thought of me. I still hated myself plenty, and to this day I have social anxiety, but I was no longer scared of the things people said behind my back. Those things don’t matter. And when I quit worrying about others loving me, I started learning to love myself.

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Yes! This is amazing advice. It can be really hard to stop negative self talk running through your mind but even noticing it is huge.

I’m sorry you are thinking people are talking crap about you when you’re not there. I know from personal experience there’s always one or two people who will get that going. But man, everyone else in the group sees what’s happening. And even though people don’t usually say anything to stop it, everyone knows the people who talk crap about other people and they really don’t trust or respect them.


Hey friend

I think it’s really common for a lot of us to stress and worry that people don’t like us or that they are talking about us. And our mind escalates on these thoughts, causing needless stress and worry.

It’s important to remind ourselves that these things are probably not true and try to recenter our focus and mindset.

Though if there has been issue in the group and reason for you to think that, could it maybe be worth reflecting on where you spend your social energies? Make sure you’re investing in healthy relationships that support you and lift you up. Encourage you. And willing to talk to you if things go wrong.

If your friends are tearing you down. It may be time to distance.

But, if there isn’t a good reason to feel this way, maybe just talk it out with someone. :heart: it often helps reassure that everything is okay.

You’re loved and valued. How youre feeling matters.


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