Life and my thoughts

I don’t know why people even bother with me. like i am probably the worst person they meet ever, i ruin everything. i can’t do this, all i want to do is just vanish. sometimes i think it would be easier on everyone if i was gone. i’m hoping that it happens soon and that everyone can realise how much i meant or how little. i just want people to know how much they meant to mean even though i couldn’t mean less to them.


@idkidkidkidk Regardless of what you think, you matter to me. Anyone who is willing to be vulnerable like that in this space matters 100% of the time.

This is an incredibly common feeling, never knowing how much you mean to people. But one thing that look me some time to learn, the person that should matter the most to you is yourself. You determine your own level of matter-ing, so just tell that to yourself. You matter.

I look back at past friendship that have had their season and remember how those people affected me and what I learned and how much they mattered, positively or negatively. Remember people are in your life for a reason or a season, but never hope that it ends sooner.

If you’re struggling with wanting it all to end sooner, please go to and utilize the resources to help you through that. No one wants to see you vanish, we want to see you flourish <3

Is really difficult to keep going when you feel that way and I dont know you or I dont know because of what reason you feel that way. But in my opinon, if someone said that they are the worst of people and etc…that person is so far of being a bad person.

People make mistakes, some are small and some arent so small, but mistakes arent bad, we do mistakes to learn and to become better. I dont know what you have done in the past, but first thing forgive yourself and learn from the past, if the only thing you can do to move on. Life go on.

I think that we cant know 100% why people are with us, every person is special and we cant know what they really think about us, but I think that 99% of the people around you are with you because they care about you. You know the people that really care, will be there when things go wrong.

You deserve to love yourself, you deserve to forgive yourself and move on because at the end of the day, we are human :raised_hands:

Take care :raised_hands: