Life crap

So I posted like yesterday about just wanting to end it. Well sadly life doesnt seem to be letting up. As stuff that had been set before got settled. A ton has gone to like fire with that same close friend who lied to me. I should add he lied to me about the base of what founded our friendship and brother hold. He has also been saying things as of late that support stuff. He is making me feel like I am just nothing besides his therapist. We have currently plans to move together him and my partner and I. Well I had put forth the issues to my partner (let me add that he always wants to find the good in people) so he spoke with him and what he is getting is a different idea than what I am getting. So we shall see. However that puts a lot of things into play I was not wanting to deal with. First the friend has said that he plans to be gone all day and not take care of his pets. Like okay a dog is more than just cuddles and play time. He is expecting me to do the extra work to care for his animals. Than to top all that he wants to not pay Bill’s but yet support a single person who he knows. Than to top all that he legit has a dog who likely is going to set back my dog Jake because his dog isnt friendly. I just feel so used and helpless. Life just keeps giving on and on and making it even harder to stop thinking its just better off to leave now.

I know the feeling of nothing getting better, a little too well, but you can’t just end it because the loss of some one like you, well just think about how much that will affect your friends or anyone you know. And you should confront your room mate or the friend you are living with and tell him that to have a dog in the house with you he has to watch him or keep his dog away from you or tell him whats on your mine. and again you are cared for life will get better you just needa help it get better and you have to stop thinking about all the negative because you are strong enough to get through life like look your still here thats a big step.
i dont know if this helped but if you have anything else im here :upside_down_face: