Life has been hell recently

I’ve always been told that life will get better but recently it has felt that it never will.

I know life is not easy but once you lose complete contact with a friend that you loved. And how she is treating me like a loser than life gets hard. I’ve tried apologizing to this friend but she freaking got me with disrespect.

I freaking trusted this person but after what she did to me I don’t know if I can trust her.

Life has been a living hell.

My boss at work does not know how to encourage her employees to learn new stuff. Just the other night she approached me with a rude attitude and told me I don’t know how to make pizza when I was specifically trained on it. I don’t know what to freaking do.

I cut ties with my friend but I don’t want to since I care for her well being. I honestly don’t feel respected enough by her. I felt like she was a sent from God, but now I feel like she was sent by the devil.

I honestly don’t know whether or not I should believe in God. I’ve prayed for this friend but look what happens she freaking disrespected me…

I don’t know what to do. I just need help.

The interesting thing about God is that he is not interested in pleasing us.
In the U.S. especially, we tend to have a habit of attributing seemingly-bad happenings to the Satan, and seemingly-good happenings to God; as if the Satan has some kind of God-like power, like Hades from Greek mythology.

The truth is, it all comes from God. The good, the bad, the ugly. True Christianity is trusting in His ways.
Jesus begged for release from God’s plan when the weigh of His eventual execution fell upon Him. But upon hearing no reply, He trusted in God’s way and fulfilled the role of the savior as we know today. Executions aren’t seemingly-good things, but it was a good thing in the end because it was God’s plan.

So what I’m saying is, maybe that friendship wasn’t meant to be forever. Maybe this job is just a trial. Maybe these things were meant to teach you something or make you stronger in the long run. Maybe they’re just simply meant for you to have experiences to share that may help others ones day and fulfill your role as a teacher or a therapist (whether professionally or not).

I don’t want to downplay your struggles. It sounds like hell. But don’t lose faith. Make a plan to overcome these things, focus on the things that bring you true joy, and most importantly, be patient and understanding with yourself. These things won’t define you.

Love you, friend. I hope things get better soon. Stay strong.


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Life is a roller coaster, I’ll tell ya. You may feel like you lost good people, and good opportunities, and this honestly probably won’t be the last time. But there are so many new people and opportunities that can come into your life and completely change it for the better. There’s so many ways your life could change and improve. And you’ll have no way of knowing until it happens. It’s normal to be hurt by this “friend.” I think almost all of us have lost someone that we were close to and that we thought would be in our lives for the long run. It’s heartbreaking. If you’re a God believer, then you just have to trust that he is making room for better things. Life’s speed bumps are just meant to be bumps. Things get better. Find your passions, your likes, your people. Enjoy things. Days aren’t promised. I don’t even know you but I truly feel that things will look up for you. I really do.

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