Life has been rough

I cant seem to get a grip with life. Its harder than needs to be. Im gonna be homeless. I might lose my job too. Manager amd co workers are targetting me. They have to treat the work place like everyone’s is back at school drama. Im just trying to get a paycheck work my ass off and go home.

Deep down i know nothing will change what i feel. This bothers me every day because of so much grief and just living and being alone its overwhelming. I dont have family, and my friends all got married and moved out of state even country.

I hate this life, its so hard. I have absolutely nothing just a hard thing to swallow.


Hello GoldenNuggs42,
thank you so much for sharing and posting your toughs here.
Is there someone at your work place you have a connection to ? try to talk to them and focus on
working, let the situation not take your attention too much.
Beeing alone is hard, you have made a big step posting here, be sure we are here and we care.
Maybe try to go for a walk sometimes, go out or start , focus on your hobbies to not let you think about
beeing alone. Try to enjoy little things, who most see natural. The air in your lungs, the sun or the rain.
People who are kind to others, be part of that.
What you have is your strength, you know what is going on arround you and you are here.
Life is hard, for everyone here, but also life is beautiful. Full of kind people. Little things matter most.
We are proud of you for sharing, we care and we are here for you.
Feel hugged my friend and hopefully you have a nice day,


From: ManekiNeko

good to hear from you, I’m sorry that things have been really tough right now. Your last post mentioned that you had the option to move out or stay with that roommate. How did all that go? Do you at all have friends nearby that you could turn to or move in with for a bit, get a bit of stability and perhaps look for a new work environment?
I hope that things start to become less stressful for you soon


Hi Friend, I am so sorry you are struggling right now, it sounds like you have had a heck of a lot to deal with lately, seeing your last post with regards to your housing situations must indeed be very stressful, I hope that you can get something sorted with that.
Maybe a complete change would be a thought if you felt up to it, perhaps moving to an area where you know more people finding a job and settling down might be a nice idea? of course thats hard too, I understand that, I am thinking long term to try and give you more stability and lets face it, if you are unhappy in your work and home you have nothing to lose if you start again if of course you can afford to do so. In the meantime friend, you can lean on us as much as you like, life can indeed be hard but you have friends here that care very much for you. Take care of youself. Lisa. xx


Hello there,

Life is like the ocean with hard-hitting waves that don’t let up. One of my favorite things & honestly, one of the most helpful things is to take some deep breaths. I attached a picture to help with this. You breathe in while you ride the wave upward & breathe out as you ride the wave downward. There will be a time when you won’t need the picture & be able to visualize it on your own. I do it when moments in life start to feel like they are too much.

Take it one day at a time. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself grace. This too shall pass.
You are strong. You are valid. You are enough. You matter.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:
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From: Mamadien

Goldennuggs42, I’m so sorry that things are so rough right now. I noticed that you posted about trying to figure out your living situation last week. What did you end up deciding? Are you trying to move to your own place or still in with the roommate? What has you concerned about becoming homeless? What are your options to stabilize your housing? Do you have a friend you could turn to for a temporary place to stay? As for work and having to deal with all of the drama, is there a way you can try to ignore it for now and just do your job? It might help decrease the stress if you can. Let us know how you are doing and what you have decided. We care my friend. You are loved.


From: Rohini_868

Hi there GoldenNuggs42,

Life has a way of seeming to go from 0 to 100 in a moment, and sometimes it feels so out of the blue and unfair. Soundsl ike there’s a lot going on, internally and externally at work. When things get really overwhelming, it sometimes helps to write down the facts and let those help guide us on the way forward.

1) Going to be homeless - I know you mentioned having a choice of moving or staying in a previous post. What is the situation with that? Did you lose both places as an option?
2) Might lose job - They’ve been targeting you how? Can you report them? Do you have evidence or proof to support this and can share this with someone higher up in the org or with HR?
3) Being alone - this one is really tough, and I’m so sorry that it’s been so lonely. Can you arrange to have some voice chats or video calls with your friends? Maybe play some games online, or stream and watch a movie together?

Life can get really hard, and it can feel really rough. Sounds like you got some hard choices to make with respect to the living situation, and work drama. But you can do this. We’re here for you, and I just want to remind you that you’re not alone. You have us all here. You’ve loved, friend. Stay strong.


From: twixremix

hi goldennuggs,

i can feel your pain from this post and while i wish i could do anything to help take some of the weight from your shoulders, these words of encouragement are the strength i can send to you. i understand that feeling of thinking the people you work with are out to get you or treating work like a drama dreamland. the best advice i’ve gotten to combat this energy is to focus on you and the task at hand. work towards that paycheck and pay no mind to the negativity around you or else they’ll win. i believe in you to be victorious above these other co-workers.

i’m sorry life is so hard, isolating, and overwhelming for you, my friend. i feel like i’m also in the same boat as you where all my friends either move states or countries away. there are times where i wonder if i could move closer to them for a change of pace. would moving closer to friends or a new environment help bring you clarity and a new spark of life if you were to find a job in that new state as well? i know that’s such a huge life change but with the toxic workplace, housing situation, and loneliness, i feel like this would be a good time to consider a change in scenery? we’re all here for you if you need to talk or think more out - we’re with you every step of the way!



Hey GoldenNuggs42,

I read your post from a few days ago, which seems to relate to this one. I’d love to know what choice you made there, or how things played out? Did you chose to go for your own place further away, or stay with the roommate? Or a third option?

Anyway, it seems like everything is piling up for you right now, and getting overwhelming. I am sorry to hear that, and truly hope things calm for you a bit. That you can find some peace and quiet soon.

Work struggles can be hard. Feeling like you’re back in high school with gossip, while you’re just there to do your job and make that check. Collect what ever information you need if you feel like you’re being targeted. Do you best to not give anyone a reason on complain, especially the manager. Do annoyingly well at your job. You can always look for another position… maybe one that pays better, and is closer to a better place to live? Take your time, but keep your eye out.

Loneliness is hard. Friends will come and go in life, that is normal. Making new ones isn’t always fun or easy, but it something that will happen as life goes on. Try putting yourself in situations that allow you to meet new people. Easier said than done, I know.

You got this, friend. May take time, but every hill can be climbed.


Have you tried to move? may be new life new sheet?

Yeah discussed for me to stay i figured id help them out when they go on vacation to the Phillipines.

There was only one option at a hotel that charges monthly. But i asked family they all said no. I dont have a way out of this

Mamy timea many problems

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