Life in a year

CW- illness and dying

I know I should probably take all this elsewhere because people come to post more about mental health and about the struggle to enjoy and embrace life…
but right now it’s just a place I can throw it out there. If I have 6months-1year to live life, I don’t know what to do. There feels like there’s never enough time to spend with every individual person.
When I see people on here hurting and struggling with the choice of life I wish I could just give every bit of energy I have left into showing them how special and precious their life really is. Not because I’m jealous, because everyone deserves to feel that.
I really would love to make it to celebrate my 18th and give something worth living for to my friends and family. I don’t know what yet.


This place is for everyone to talk about anything - and that includes you and what’s on your mind. You belong here.

I feel the same way. But are you giving any of that to yourself as well?

How may I support you in this time?


I guess I’m trying to focus outward more. If I start thinking too much about myself and this situation I’m scared I’ll get bitter/angry. Life is literally too short to feel that way. Sure I get scared and sometimes overwhelmed. I know things are going to get harder and I don’t know how prepared for that I am, but right now all I’ve got is maybe some form of ability to encourage others.


Will you let us encourage you, then?

That would be really nice. Sometimes staying positive isn’t as easy as it is other days.


I hear that. It can be tough.

Do you think music would help encourage you?

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Hey! I do enjoy music and hearing new music, especially when I can’t sleep so well