Life is a mess

my dad just said that my mom probably has less than a month to live and my sister is in the hospital with diabetic ketoacidosis and my brother is a drunk mess and my other sister keeps messaging me crying because she doesn’t know what to do so :+1:


Oh boy I am so sorry so much is going on right now. First off the stuff with your mom that seems extremely hard and I am so sorry. To hear that a parent doesnt have long to live can really tear you down mentally and emotionally. I want to remind you that what you do have is that time. You can fill that time to the best possible amount of stuff for her and yourself. Do the things that will remind you so much of her every day. As for the sister oh boy I am sorry she is in the hospital with that do they know any updates of how she is doing. It is a scary thing in the moment but there is a lot out there to help her. She can make it through this just know that. The doctors are doing as much or more for her than you may realize. Just dont give up hope and help fight for her and advocate for her needs. The brother being a drunk mess that one is extremely hard have you talked to him about this issue and the fact that it is leaving you with a lot to handle in terms of the family. It sounds like to me you are putting a lot of the care needs of your family first before you worry about yourself. I know that is not the easiest to hear or have someone say but I just want to say it is okay to do so but continue to remember that you do deserve to have that support too. I am sorry your sister is kind of coming to you with her problems that is always a hard hard thing to deal with because you would like to do your own things and be able to handle all the other messy pieces but than she is adding to what is a mess. I dont know the age of your sister but have you perhaps told her how you need to take sometime to help yourself. Sometimes we need to realize that we have to step back because we need to fill our cup first before we pour into others or we are left empty and drained beyond compare. Please dont forget about yourself. I have personally done that I have given everything I can to others and not cared about my own needs and my own issues.

Know that we are here to support you and that we care. What can you do tomorrow to help yourself like something that is self care. I love a good session of cuddles with my pups (I have two of them). I also love playing my switch or a brain game on my phone to help ground me in the moment if need be. Just know that you have the right to do self care.

Hold fast

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